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Letters to the Editor

May 14, 2014 - Reader rejects idea for on-ramp idea

Dear Editor,

As a resident of Independence Towship living near the proposed on-ramp, I am heartily against this proposal ("Pressure Valve," March 12).

The whole area east of Sashabaw to Baldwin and north of Walton  is primarily residential. The congestion on Sashabaw would be easily reduced if you added a cloverleaf for southbound Sashabaw from northbound I-75 and one for northbound Sashabaw and northbound I-75.  

This would eliminate one traffic light and left turn traffic on Sashabaw. Redirecting this traffic through school zones into a primarily residential area is ludicrous. It's bad enough that Maybee and Clintonville have speed limits of 40-45 mph and now you want to add thousands of more vehicles per day through this neighborhood?  

The proposal starts as an on-ramp to southbound I-75. Everyone knows it will not only be an on-ramp South. There will also be off-ramps and access for northbound. Then you will be drawing huge amounts of vehicles North on Clintonville from Waterford, Pontiac and all the cities that presently travel Dixie Hwy to access I-75. Clintonville and Maybee would have to be widened. The intersection of Waldon and Clintoville would no longer be a four-way stop and would have to be enlarged, along with the Waldon and& Pine Knob intersection. Clintonville at Mann Road will require a traffic light. Pine Knob and Waldon Roads, if not paved, will become a nightmare for their residents.

The amount of traffic and speeds on these roads is already excessive.

Why does the township want to shift more traffic to a residential neighborhood instead of fixing the problem it already has?

Janine M. Foxx

Independence Twp.

Thanks for supporting Women's Club

Dear Editor,

On April 12, Clarkston Community Women’s Club hosted a 60th Anniversary Celebration Tea at the Clarkston/Independence Township District Library.  

The harp music, played by Michele Roger, was beautiful, the tea sandwiches and delicious sweets were enjoyed as women socialized with friends. Louise Bisogni, president, shared information about the history of the Women’s Club, founders of the library in 1954. A number of past presidents shared their experiences.  Since the founding CCWC has supported many events and programs for all age groups in our community. Most recently, Nelson’s Wild Life Safari during spring break.

Have your children ever checked out one of the puppets or sat on the Reading Rug during Story Time in the Children’s Room?  Have you or your family participated in the Summer Jump Start Reading Program? Have you noticed the large World Globe near the reference desk? Have you noticed the placard in some of the books, “Donated by the Clarkston Community Women’s Club”?  These are just a few of the programs the CCWC has supported over the years.  

The ongoing effort of promoting growth of knowledge, socializing and community awareness for all ages provided by our library will only continue if you vote Yes on Aug. 5. Please join me on Aug. 5 and vote “Yes” for the Clarkston/Independence Twp. District Library.

Carolyn Morrison,

Clarkston Community Women’s Club

Independence Township

A call for more involvement in local work

Dear Editor,

Regarding "Contaminated soil at potential deli site," April 30, there are several professionals in the area who are highly qualified to review the information and make statements on it. These same individuals, not just me, others with more specific remediation experience, are interested in working on the site to evaluate, assure proper environmental clean up levels are achieved, and to further develop a plan that will address historic drainage issues on site while providing continuing mitigation.

If we want Clarkston and Independence to be the best that it can possibly be, no one better to do it than local residents who will keep the concept of the greater good at the fore of any plan or claims. Those people, those idealists DO exist among us. Its not just me out here advocating for such things.

There are plenty of incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, experienced and talented "independents" that live here, and are attempting to create work and "jobs" that don't exist, despite that they should.

Perhaps our local governments could create a listing of different individuals, by background, and tap that experience before using outside companies to resolve "internal" issues.

Maybe even call a meeting, according to all requirements of course, where those with applicable experience are appraised of whatever issue exists, and provide our governance with their range of thoughts.

This would increase the wisdom in decision making, expense to taxpayers would be lowered, living standards and stability for individuals would be improved, AND tax dollars would be spent back in the community.

When "work" on a site is to be performed, why not offer locals an opportunity to do the work. Possibly include a training element where applicable. This wouldn't be possible on all things, but it would be on many. Keep the money in the community. It spells Win Win Win.

Tammie Heazlit

Independence Township

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