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Letters to the Editor

May 28, 2014 - Library support

Dear Editor,

Restore funding or eliminate the library: that is the decision we face as voters on August 5, 2014.

Our library is essential; but it must have diverse resources and the ability to adapt.

Since 1999 the "effective" library funding has dropped by 41% due to decreases in funding from all sources and the effect of inflation. Also, the 0.75 mills rate has not changed in over 35 years.

The millage rate of 1.25 mills ($1.25 per $1,000 of taxable value of all taxable property). The cost to the average homeowner whose property has a market value of $200,000 is only $125 per year. This about $10.41 a month, or the cost of dinner for two at McDonald's once a month.

The millage increase of 0.50 mills ($.50 per $1,000 of taxable value of all taxable property). The cost to the average homeowner whose property has a market value of $200,000 is only $50 per year. This about $1.00 a week, or the cost of one morning cup of McDonald's coffee for a week.

If you are in the Corridor Improvement Authority (Sashabaw area), then only three cents will be for the Sashabaw out of every $10 approved for funding our Library.

If the millage does not pass, then the library will be totally unfunded and the doors closed within five days.

If our library closes, then we lose Book Club Discussion Groups, Pre-School Story Time, Toddler/Two Year Olds Programs, use of pre-loaded Kindles, audio books, and books on tape, not just books.

If we have no library, then we will not have a library membership and have no privileges at any other libraries.

Additional information is available.

Dr. Thomas K. Stone


Thanks for SCAMP help

Dear Editor,

It is with deep appreciation that we write to tell you how grateful we are to the Clarkston community for the support we felt for the Walk & Roll for SCAMP.

We moved the event this year in anticipation of the M-15 road work and it went seamlessly.

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of the school coordinators, Clarkston Schools, Mr. Adams and Clarkston El, the Pontiac Civitans, and all the volunteers, we will be able to send 30 SCAMPers to camp this summer.

Thank you very much,

Theresa Fabrizio and Theresa Rigato

Co-Chairs, Walk & Roll for SCAMP

Pay attention on roads

Dear Editor,

Last Saturday I treated myself to breakfast downtown. As I drove past Deer Lake Beach area, I noticed a beautiful swan standing on the grass. I was taken by how large it was, standing at least three feet high. I was on my way back home about 40 minutes later when I made the turn on Holcomb by Depot Park and noticed an Oakland County Sheriff's car with its lights on.

"Oh no," I said out loud as I realized the deputy was picking up the swan off of the road, dead! I was so mad! Who couldn't see this bird, white and three feet high? I say to you, the driver that took out this beautiful bird, was it texting that caused you not to notice the swan? Or were you to involved in a cell phone conversation? Or, even worse, totally unaware of your surroundings that you didn't even see it?

Absolutely frightening! Put down the phone and drive!

Madeline Dishon

Independence Township

Comments on library

Dear Editor,

In regards to "Vote to determine library's future," May 14, Cory Johnston's comment on the library millage is misleading.

He says "township residents could vote a 1.25 mil tax increase on city residents." This is not a vote placed on the ballot by either the township or the city. It is a vote of the residents of the library district, which the city and township formed, but which is a separate entity run by a separate board. The residents of the entire district will vote whether to tax themselves to have a library and there is no distinction between city and township residents in this vote.

Likewise, there will be no "1.25 mil increase on city residents" while "township residents would still only see a .56 increase." All residents of the library district will be treated the same. In the township, the current township .691 library millage will end. It will be replaced by the 1.25 district library millage, a net increase of .559 mills. In the city, the council has committed to reducing the portion of its general operating millage that currently goes to fund the library, which is the equivalent of .691 mills, so that the net increase for city residents will be the same.

Voters should not assume that some alternative will be put in place if the millage is not approved. The agreement that created the district library provides that the district library will be dissolved, the township millage that has supported the library will end, and the city's payments to support the library will end. The township subsidized library operations in past years from its general fund. It can't afford to do that any more.

Our library is a great community resource. We should not lose it.

Richard Bisio


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