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Letters by Laura A column by Laura DuCharme

A column by Laura DuCharme

June 04, 2014 - Growing up, I had many different career paths I thought about following.

Of course, as a young girl I wanted to be a princess and was crushed when I found out that wasn't an option.

As I grew up, I thought about being a teacher, until I worked in a classroom and saw the chaos that can happen.

My senior year, I decided to work for the school newspaper and that is when I decided that journalism was the best option for me.

I had always loved magazines and decided that is what I wanted to focus on.

My sophomore year at Central Michigan University, I decided to join our campus' online magazine, Grand Central Magazine, as a style writer.

I also wrote for our schools newspaper, CM Life, but enjoyed writing for GC Magazine more.

I studied abroad spring semester in London and made a magazine for one of my classes.

Seeing how the magazine turned out at the end of a semester of hard work was rewarding.

When I got back to CMU for my junior year I was a style writer for GC Magazine again but became the style editor around spring break. I am lucky enough to continue this position next year, as well.

I also had an internship in the spring semester with an online magazine called College Lifestyles. Not only did I write weekly articles, but I published them as well.

This was a great experience because I learned a lot about online journalism.

Which leads me here, at The Clarkston News. I need an internship for credit for my degree and was lucky enough to end up here.

Even though I don't intend to work for a newspaper when I am older, I figured interning for one would be helpful because I can learn more about the style of writing and would hopefully improve my interviewing skills.

Eventually I would love to work for a magazine in New York City and would love to move back to London and live with friends I met while studying abroad. I think it would be very interesting to work for a magazine there.

This fall I will be a senior at CMU and, if everything goes as planned, I will be graduating in May.

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