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June 04, 2014 - Workshops at library

Dear Editor,

The Independence Township Library provides so many services for local residents that are in danger of slipping away.

Did you know the library holds two genealogy workshops each year? Partnering with our local Daughters of the American Revolution, Sashabaw Plains Chapter, Joette Kunse offers topics like "Finding Your Female Ancestors" and "US Migration Patterns and Your Family." The library has a new, dedicated section on genealogy and local history.The library also offers a panel of genealogists ready and willing to research local ancestors and local history, as well as answer general genealogical questions. Free of charge, they will help you find your roots!

Clarkston has no genealogical society. If the doors to the library close this year, that resource will be gone.

Residents do not realize they went from paying a very small amount to support the library to paying nothing at all.

Vesta L. DeRiso

Independence Township

A call for less Cory

Dear Editor,

Never mind that Cory Johnston is "searching for an apology" (May 21 edition)! I am searching for an apology from you.

How can you, my favorite hometown paper, give so much "soap box" space to that egomaniac? Like King Lear, he is so insanely caught up with himself he sees nothing. I am not impressed with his "facts, figures and knowledge." He should not be allowed to blow his horn so loudly in our paper.

Yes, if he insists, let him write in the "To the Editor" pages, but for heaven's sake do not put him or his ridiculous pontification in your readers' faces! Continue to accommodate him and you will lose me as a reader! He is intrusive, irritating, self centered, and I am sick of all the noise he makes. Mostly I am irritated with you giving him space to disturb your readers. Please control yourself as he tries to push into our lives. Thank you.

Judy McConnell


Suggestion for park

Dear Editor,

I was saddened to read of the vandalism at Depot Park.

May I suggest a citizens watch, those the time and inclination spend some time at the park reporting anything unseemly.

Betty Wright

Independence Township

Support for library

Dear Editor,

I'm writing to urge everyone to support the August Primary vote on theIndependence Library.

A community without a library is one which few people would care to live-in and would reflect very poorly on us. I feel that our library is a real asset and provides numerous services that are of great value to all. Many of their programs, both for adults and children, are outstanding and provide opportunities not to found elsewhere.

A millage to support this community asset is one we should all vote for.

Jim Reed

Independence Township

Book club benefits

Dear Editor,

Libraries I love the smell of libraries. All those books in one place. Glorious!

When I was a little girl, I used to love to walk to the library with my sister and bring home as many books as my skinny little arms could carry and the library would allow. Growing up, I used the library for research and enjoyment. How fun to curl up with a good book and let your mind take you to wherever the story is going.

Today I'm an adult and I belong to two book clubs in Clarkston. One is an extension of the swimmers' group at Deer Lake Racquet Club and the other is part of the Pine Knob Enclaves Homeowners group. These book clubs use the Clarkston Library's "Books in a Bag" services to help us choose "good reads" and to allow the book club members to read books without having to buy them and then we share them with others.

I hope others in Clarkston feel as I do that our library is critical to the mental growth of our youth and the well-being of our community.

I hope the voters of Clarkston vote "yes" on millage for our library so we can keep this critical resource open not only for our own enjoyment but for our children as well.

Sandra Palmer

Indedpendence Township

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