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Washington DC brings out the opinions!

June 11, 2014 - I love alliteration almost as I love it when people, of their own volition, take time out of their lives and read what I've written. And, I love that almost as much as I do when those some individuals then take more time out of their lives (time they will never get back) and write me because of what they've read. It doesn't matter if they agree, like or want to skin me alive for what I've written. It's that they care enough to write. In other words, it moves me you're so moved!

(Oh, what is alliteration? It's the back bone and go-to tool for all good headline writers. According to Merriam/Webster's on-line dictionary it is thus: the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables. An example is the headline, Readers respond to Rush writing.)

So, before I move on, thank you!

* * *

From last week's gem of a Don't Rush Me column headlined, Artificial outrage gets his goat, dangit!, Michael Powell of Clarkston not-proper, wrote:

Don, You hit the nail on the head with this week's observations of the crooks in DC. (District of Criminals). I bet those in Congress were heavily supported by Merck and were also holding onto their stock when the deaths occurred. You can bet they dumped their holdings of Merck when they were finally forced to stop ignoring the deaths. I've noticed every congressman who goes in with modest means, comes out a multimillionaire. We are a nation run by inferior hypocrites.

Though I 100% disagree with what Obama did regarding releasing the five terrorists in exchange for an AWOL deserter, I find it laughable to see our hypocritical representative Mike Rogers on TV complaining about the legality of doing so when we know Rogers is in charge of the "intelligence committee" responsible for the NSA and its illegal spying on the American people.

You and I are witnessing the loss of our most important Constitutional rights - the right to be presumed innocent. We're all presumed guilty of a crime by our government. In essence we are being treated by our government as though we are its enemy.

As an American I find that notion an unacceptable infringement on every right I hold dear.

Those who say "if you aren't doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about." fail to recognize that what is "legal" today may be "illegal tomorrow."

Good to see you're willing to say it like it is!

* * *

Comments from Facebook on the same column . . .

Wrote Registered Nurse Jan Tait, "Don Rush's column was insightful." And, local counselor Jon Richey, "Great column by 'beat writer' Don Rush about how our media has demonized the new GM CEO, while ignoring other companies that have suffered more severe consequences yet they were ignored. Why is it that our female CEO's are treated different when a mistake is made?" And Leisa Bridges Christensen chimed in, "Great column - love it! And, I couldn't agree more! We have elected some of the dumbest people in America. And, there is so much corruption when it comes to Big Pharma and Big Agra."

* * *

A few weeks ago I asked the question, Who is this George? I ran a picture of a found school ID/library card from Clarkston Elementary School from the school year 1953-54. It had a picture of a young pupil who signed his card, George. It was found in 18 Holcomb Street during a recent renovation.

Well, the debate raged for days on a couple of Facebook pages -- The Clarkston News page and a page called, You Know You're From Clarkston. It finally came down to it not being George White, but a fresh-scrubbed George Denton. And, we learned of the Dentons . . .

Linda Hallman Faircloth said, "Yes, George Denton. Sister Beverly and brother Chuck. They lived just around the corner from us when we lived off W. Washington and we played together."

Beverly Galligan Sherman added, "This was a family of handsome, well scrubbed children, bursting with personality."

And, finally I learned of George's whereabouts. I will send him a card and let you know if he responds.

* * *

And, reader Joette wrote me this note:

"Don, was out putting dirt in our planters for tomorrow's planting on Main Street in Clarkston. The second or third graders are doing the tour of the town. Next to your office are newspaper boxes. One little boy said, 'Can we get a newspaper.' And another little boy said, 'What is a newspaper?'

One of my teacher friends had a similar experience with the word 'photograph.' She teaches middle school and the young lady did not know what a photograph was. My friend is all of maybe 45 and she was dumbfounded."

I think Joette's note deserves more time, thought and space. So, I'll ponder it whilst on vacation. Enjoy your newspaper!

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Don is Assistant Publisher for Sherman Publications, Inc. He has worked for the company since 1985. He has won numerous awards for column, editorial and feature writing as well as for photography. He has two, sons Shamus and Sean and resides in the area. To read archived copies of his columns, click on his name, just under his picture up top . . . He can be e-mailed at:
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