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Letters to the Editor

June 25, 2014 - Library raises property values, reader says

Dear Editor,

Being a real estate broker for over 40 years and living and working in Clarkston, and loving it, I feel it imperative to write, for the first time ever, with regard to the upmost importance of our library millage passing Aug. 5.

Just like the value our schools have direct impact on our property value, so does the library. They go hand in hand in the desirability of our community to people considering moving into and staying in our community.

In my incoming package to prospective clients, I include a copy of the Independence Township Parks and Recreations Guide so that I may point out the outstanding benefits to our seniors our youth and everyone in between.

Even if you are not a regular library user and I encourage you to investigate the programs and availabilities there they are fantastic. It is the cultural hub of our community and a huge Investment asset.

We are so much on the upswing now in our values, I would not like to see us slide backwards because of this millage not passing.

Most peoples most valuable asset is their home, mine is and I do not want to see the value of it diminished because our library or schools cannot compete with the surrounding areas.

I strongly encourage everyone to vote "yes" Aug. 5 to preserve and make even greater our library and our property value.

Sheri Allingham Baker

Independence Township

Reader finds Jottings joke inappropriate

Dear Editor,

On page 7 in the June 11, 2014, edition of The Clarkston News, Jim Sherman, Sr. posed the question: "When her eyes say, 'Go' and her lips cry 'Stop,' what's a fellow to do" ("Sounds of spring bring back memories")?

I would like readers and Mr. Sherman to know the answer is no, you should not rape her. Rape jokes or comments that trivialize rape have no place in a local newspaper.

Tygre Whittington

Independence Township

Thanks for community support for grads

Dear Editor,

Our community celebrated the CHS graduating seniors' success with two of our long-held traditions: the Senior Picnic and the Grad Night Party. This year, the Class of 2014 had a record number of kids attend the party!

These events take a dedicated team an entire year to plan, organize, and execute. Our area businesses are called upon to donate goods and services - one more time - to offset costs. We need more than a 150 volunteers to make these events successful, and no amount of preparation seems to reduce the stress or last-minute chaos. Why do we invest so much time and energy into these events, year after year, for more than 25 years?

We do it because the safety and welfare of our community is a priority for all of us. Studies have shown that communities that hold graduation night parties have dramatically reduced the incidence of drinking and drug-related issues. And not just on graduation night, but throughout the graduation season. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites these parties as a factor in the decline of teenage fatalities, as well as reducing the incidence of accidents and vandalism. We hold these events is to give our kids the opportunity to say goodbye to classmates and friends in a fun, safe environment and, in doing so, create a positive impact on all of our lives.

And it simply could not happen without the support of our school administration, local businesses, and some very tired parent volunteers. Other local schools charge $75 or even $100 a ticket for their parties. Because of the generosity of our donors, we were able to charge only $35, which is one of the reasons why we had two or three times as many kids attend our event as those schools did. I encourage everyone to take a minute to read the list of the friends and neighbors who donated so generously again this year, and thank them through your patronage.

If you know Deanna Olsen, Kathleen Vondette, Betty Reilly, Ellen Wright, Donna Barta, Theresa LaPorte, Kathy McCarty, Jodi Yeloushan, or Jackie Ellsworth, be sure to thank them for putting everything together and making it work.

I also wish to acknowledge all of the parents who served hotdogs, dealt Black Jack, worked security, or generally helped supervise during the events…thanks for being a part of the fun!

Andrea Schroeder

Senior Celebrations Chair, 2013-2014

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