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July 02, 2014 - Maybe you've heard the news.

My Habitat Clarkston, in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County (HFHOC), has secured vacant land on Hogback Lake Road, near Andersonville Road.

If you are familiar with the old school building that used to house the former Springfield Township library, the property is directly behind the old library.

Habitat for Humanity requires families to provide their own "sweat equity hours" in their home build.

In addition, this family will be making affordable zero profit mortgage payments back to HFHOC as part of their partner family requirements for home ownership.

The family also is educated on how to handle their finances and maintain a home.

It bugs me when I hear people complain about how bad things are and how something needs to be done.

Typically, I ask, "Ok, what are you doing about it?"

Most of the time, the answer is nothing. People just like to complain.

So OK Clarkston. We've started My Habitat Clarkston to be a vehicle for anyone to do something about it.

Our dream is we can collaborate in all sorts of ways to make Clarkston a better place to live. This HFHOC build is simply one, important way.

It's almost build time! So let's do this –together! How? For starters, check out our Facebook Page (My Habitat Clarkston).

There you will find lots of info on who we are and what we've been doing. Second, rally your friends or co-workers to sign up for a time to help build.

Third, make a donation.

Encourage your club or group to give as well. If many people give what they can, surely Clarkston is able to raise $130,000 to make this happen.

For every dollar given, Consumers Energy will give 50 cents (if given through the proper channel online).

Go to www.habitatoakland.org to sign up and to donate. The groundbreaking is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 4, at 10 a.m.

Let's do this, Clarkston! Together!

The Rev. Greg Henneman is pastor of Clarkston Community Church

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