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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin

Kudos to Pat

July 09, 2014 - I would just like to say how much I admire Independence Township Supervisor Pat Kittle for helping soldiers through their trying times despite his own personal tragedy, the passing of his son David, a veteran (see story on Page 1).

Sometimes it's the people who go through the front lines of any situation, and witness the pain firsthand, who have the biggest impact and are most qualified to help people facing similar situations.

We'll have more on the story in next week's edition. I just wanted thank Pat for his honesty in our many conversations about David and how he plans to help veterans. I know it took Pat great bravery to speak out on such a personal subject and I am confident he will make a huge difference. I look forward to documenting the stories and progress. Judge Kelly Kostin picked the right guy for the job.

Yes to the library

I can't imagine Clarkston not having a library. It seems many people agree with me, too. I went to the library last month, and talked with many members of the community about what the library means to them.

It is obvious when you have a conversation with most residents they love their library. How much is the library worth? How much is anything worth when you need it or want it?

What a deal you get with the library. For the average home, the library costs only a couple hundred dollars. What a bargain that is for all the services they offer.

I guess you never really know when you may need the library. Perhaps there will come a day when your Internet goes down and you have something really pressing that needs to be completed. Were would you go? You would go to the library of course.

During many conversations, when I asked about if the library were to close the word "devastated" came up a lot. I am positive Clarkston residents will make the right choice on August 5 and vote "yes" on their library.

Awesome Parade

Our July 4 parade was awesome, and full of community organizations, businesses, kids and furry friends. The parade was an hour and a half long. My family went with me and said their favorite part was when the Independence Township Fire Department raised the huge flag over the crowd. It was one of my favorite parts too. Good Job!

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