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Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Community staple

July 16, 2014 - I found myself in limbo a few weeks ago. I was done with where I had been and had a few hours until my next appointment. Because I was already close to where I needed to be I didn't want to go home. I didn't want to venture to another town.

I was quite particular on this day I wanted to stay in Independence Township and I did not want to go to a coffee shop.

Going to a coffee shop is my go-to spot but I just wasn't feeling it.

Really I was feeling like a nap - it had been a long week.

Instead I pulled into the parking lot of Clarkston Independence District Library - one of my other go-to locations. I grabbed my purse and my book and ventured inside. Before settling at one of the tables, I ventured the bookcases for a title I had tried to find at bookstores and other libraries.

I found it. I looked down at the book I brought in contemplating continuing on with my non-fiction reading material or go for the book I had just found.

I opted for the fiction piece I had finally found at Clarkston Independence District Library and sat down at a vacant table. I figured even if I read a few pages and put it back I would at least know if I wanted to continue reading the book later on.

I read a few pages and then glanced up. It was an interesting introduction of the book - it really was. But I happened to glance up and see the black paper with the white writing from people sharing what they geeked.

My focus went to the bookshelves and then the area around as some were working on their computers and a few were checking titles on the bookshelves.

I sighed, in a matter of months it could be gone. Kids discovering a new author in the children's area. A quiet place for students to study. A place to borrow not only a book but a movie for free. A powerful resource in the community could be gone if voted "no" on Aug. 5.

I am not saying vote yes or vote no - you have your reasons for how you want to vote. But I, as an avid book reader, a person who enjoys words and the smell of new books, would vote yes.

A library is a staple every community should have. What is it worth to you not to have this resource in your neighborhood?

Wendi graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint with a degree in communications. She wrote for the Michigan Times college paper and Grand Blanc View before joining The Clarkston News in October 2007. Follow Clarkston sports on Twitter @CNewsWRSports.
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