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Letter to the Editor

Readers support Aliaga for state rep

July 16, 2014 - Dear Editor,

Our Statewide Primary Election is coming soon on Aug. 5. We are supporting a great candidate for the 43rd District State Representative, Jose Aliaga.

Jose has local experience serving as an Independence Township Trustee. He is also a member of the Safety Path Committee for the township. He previously acted as a liaison to the Cable Public Television of Independence Township.

During that period of time, the Cable Commission transferred the cable casting to the Clarkston High School. This saves us, the taxpayers, $50,000 annually and gives many high school students the experience and opportunity of working in the studio. Jose is one candidate who has actually voted to reduce costs to residents by reducing cable franchise fees and by being diligent in the budgeting process.

You can see, Jose, has been busy "paying his dues" locally to us, Therein building the experience and knowledge of our community to take to Lansing where he will know the community needs.

We are impressed by the integrity Jose has demonstrated with his salary as trustee. When he has been unable to attend a board meeting, he has donated his salary to the Independence Township Senior Center. We know of no other trustee, either past or present, who has done this.

Personally, Jose is the epitome of the American dream. He came to the United States fourteen years ago from Peru. At that time he did not speak English and did not know anyone. Now he is a U.S. citizen, a University of Michigan graduate in political science, a teacher in a private school, an elected public official, an activist in the Republican party, and a conservative candidate for State Representative.

On Aug. 5, remember the locally experienced, knowledgeable candidate who takes the "high road" with your tax money.

Vote Jose Aliaga for State Representative, 43rd District.

Joan and Delbert McCrary

Independence Township

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