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Support for Aliaga

July 23, 2014 - Dear Editor,

I am writing to you regarding Jose Aliaga, candidate for State Representative. I have known Jose for some years now. Aside from considering him a good friend I also believe with all my heart he is the best fit candidate to serve us as our State Representative. His passion, zeal if you will, to serve people is what first drew me to him. His love for people focused towards 'we the peoples' best interests is exactly the kind of person we want representing us here in District 43. Jose is the only Republican candidate to obtain a signature petition to be on the ballot and this immense undertaking goes to shows his ardent desire to serve the people. Jose has a track record of success too.

While serving as Trustee for Independence Township, Jose voted to cut taxes and the PEG fee associated with the costs of cable television; a proposal that passed, keeping more money in our pockets. In his capacity he also voted to bring 120 manufacturing jobs to Independence Township. Jose has plans to bring 4,000 jobs to Independence Township once he is elected State Representative. The list goes on.

I could speak endlessly of why Jose Aliaga is the right man for the job of State Representative for District 43. He is a man after God's own heart, a real Republican to the core. He is Pro-Life and supports the 2nd Amendment. I admire his steadfast work ethic. Jose, along with his wife Kelly, has worked tirelessly during his campaign, visiting many neighborhoods two and three in an effort to personally introduce himself to people. Friends and neighbors that have had the pleasure of meeting Jose, Republicans and Democrats alike, absolutely love him and tell me what a relief it is to have a selfless candidate to vote for.

Jose is someone the people can count on, someone I know will not let us down. His only motive is to serve the people. From my lips to God's ears, may the best man win, may Jose Aliaga be the next State Representative for District 43.

Best regards,

A. Charles Edwards

Independence Township

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