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Don't let library go

July 30, 2014 - If voters shoot down a library millage on August 5 the Clarkston-Independence library will close.

Books will be packed and music silenced. Enrichment classes, education classes and special activities will be gone.

Officials are asking taxpayers to pay on average about $125 a year for the library.

A lot of residents are in favor of the library too.

Retired Judge Gerald McNally is greatly in favor of a "yes" vote to the library because he believes the library is the cornerstone in any community, and I think he said it best...

"The significance of our spiritual value is reflected in our many magnificent churches," he said. "A library is so much more than a building and books. A library represents how far we have come out of the cave and out of tall grasses. A failure of the library millage would be a setup back to the cave and tall grasses."

Thinking you may be able to go to a neighboring library if yours is gone? Think again.

Neighboring libraries have a reciprocal agreement with Clarkston -Independence said Library Director Judith Meredith. If the Clarkston Library has nothing to share it voids that agreement and residents will not have any recourses to share so the contract is void.

In 2012 the library was reestablished under the District Library Agreement, and officials get two chances to fund it. If the 2014 millage does not pass under revamped library laws, the library must dissolve and other libraries can deny you.

The millage residents will vote for is an operating millage which pays for everything needed to operate the building.

The library gets 134,658 visits per year (many repeat customers), and spends about $29.20 a week per library visitor.

Clarkston-Independence Library offer patrons many perks. In addition being able to check out over tons of books, music and movies, patrons can also request material from other libraries.

Patrons can also attend numerous classes, educational opportunities, support group and clubs.

A library is place of lifelong learning, education and enrichment.

A library is important to the community in so many ways. Kudos to all the hard work so many community members have put in to support the library. They think you should vote YES, and I do, too!

Staff writer covering Independence Township and Clarkston area.
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