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Letters to the Editor

August 20, 2014 - Thanks for support

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the entire 2014 Library-YES committee, we would like to sincerely thank the Clarkston and Independence Township community for their support of the library millage proposal in the recent primary election. The positive response of the voters ensures our community will benefit from the many services of its own local library for the next eight years.

We also appreciate The Clarkston News' support. Your attention, encouragement, and support added much to our efforts. Placement of ads, printing of letters to the editor, and positive comments made by your reporters were most appreciated! We are grateful for the part you played in helping to pass this crucial millage.

The 2014 Library-YES committee hopes community members will take advantage of expanded services and programs to be offered beginning in 2015, as the levy will not be collected until December 2014.

Bart Clark and Eric Haven, co-chairmen, 2014 Library-YES committee

Renewal vote thanks

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Oakland County Sheriff's, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Independence Township for their overwhelming support during the recent millage renewal for law enforcement.

The passage of that proposal helps insure the continued high level of services that are currently provided and expected within our community. This close relationship between law enforcement and our citizens is just one of the many reasons that Independence Township continues to be such a desirable place to live.

Lt. Dirk R. Feneley, substation commander, Independence Township

Agreement on Obama

Dear Editor,

I don't know what planet Mr. Bond is from but it can't be planet Earth ("Support for Obama, Aug. 13) 70% of those individuals who happen to populate the USA strongly agree with Jim Sherman, Sr. As far as to how history will treat Obama, it is my opinion he will go down as the worst president (not one of but the) this country has ever had to endure.

However, history always depends on who writes it. And that comment about Obama capturing Bin Laden I was under the impression Navy Seals shot Bin Laden. While it may have been on Obama's watch, so was the VA scandal, IRS scandal, and Benghazi, just to name a few. Could it be that God just may be using Obama to punish this nation? Read the Old Testament, you may be surprised.

Bruce Marsee


Votes appreciated

Dear Editor,

Heartfelt thanks to the residents of the 43rd District for your support in the August Primary Election. Your trust and support is gratifying and invigorating! It was a pleasure meeting many of you as I walked door to door. In the next few months, I hope to meet more of my neighbors and learn about what expectations they have of me as their state representative.

Both the Republican and Democratic candidates in the primary election are to be commended for their willingness to serve. Each of their campaigns reflected the diverse views and ideas that collectively represent the diversity in the 43rd District.

Congratulations to Jim Tedder, I trust we will be crossing paths frequently in the next few months.

I look forward to serving everyone in the 43rd, whether you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, I will work to fairly represent your needs and issues as your State Representative.

Thank you for your support and friendship! I am honored and grateful to you.

Dennis M. Ritter

Democratic candidate, state house 43rd District.

Thanks for votes

Dear Editor,

The Clarkston Independence District Library Board would like to thank the city and township residents who supported a community library dedicated to providing services to both book and technology users in the 21st Century. The collection of this funding will begin in December 2014 and will be used as the library's 2015 budget.

The Library Board and Staff will spend the next few months preparing to unveil expanded services in the new year. In addition to restoring hours, and increasing programs and materials, both physical and electronic, we look forward to expanding collaborations with the schools and promoting resources to help local businesses succeed. We have also been developing a Capital Improvement Plan to properly maintain the library building and grounds.

We encourage the residents of Clarkston and Independence Township to attend library board meetings and the library itself to be involved in these plans as they develop and unfold.

Marilyn Pomeroy, president, Clarkston Independence District Library Board

Voters duped by library campaign, reader says

Dear Editor,

The letter "congrats on vote" (Aug. 13) congratulating the Clarkston Independence District's library's "overwhelming victory" by holding its second vote in less then two years in a August primary "stealth election" failed to mention the fact that 10,860 fewer voters voices were heard in the Aug. 5, 2014 primary vs. the 2012 general election, where half the township's population, or 18,918, people voted. Disenfranchising 10,860 voters is hardly something to be proud of!

What is "overwhelming" is the fact that this township ignored 10,860 voters in 2012 when it chose to put this back on the ballot in an August primary when the township should have honored the wishes of voters in 2012 by negating the agreement and starting the process from scratch.

In the spirit of fairness I suggest that township officials do the right thing for township taxpayers by renegotiating the agreement and then putting it back on the November 2014 general election. Why not go with the best two out of three? Those who complained about this proposal failing in Nov. 2012 by a "small margin" surely wouldn't object to another vote knowing that 10,860 voters didn't vote in the August primary, right?

But, the this time around lets do it right. Give us a proposal that offers voters a renewal, and an increase. Not an all or nothing proposal that blackmails voters with threats of closing . The third time around lets tell voters that the Clarkston Independence Library agreement gave away control of almost half (43%) of our library and it's assets to three board members who are appointed by 2% of our population. Do ya think township taxpayers would vote differently with this knowledge?

The Clarkston Independence Library Board is comprised of seven appointed board members, four appointed by the Independence township board, which has over 36,000 residents, one board member for every 9000 residents, and three appointed by Clarkston City Council, a city of 800 residents, one board member for every 266 residents.

Something is clearly wrong with an agreement that gave away control of 43% of our library to a city with just 2% of the population. This agreement doesn't fairly represent township taxpayers because we can't vote for the city council that is appointing those who will control 43% of our library. Two percent of the population should never have been given 43% control of anything that is getting 98% of it's funding from township taxpayers. Yet not a single member of the new township board looked over the library agreement and corrected this inequality in the agreement before you voted.

The present district library agreement gives our Independence Township library and control of all of its assets to an appointed, unelected library board who answers to no one. Passage of this agreement not only increased your taxes by 81%, it gave you a board that has absolutely no accountability to you. Yet, if you look at other district library agreements, you'll find that a majority of district library boards are elected by the people. This agreement could have done the same.

People were "overwhelmingly" duped and blackmailed by an agreement that didn't fairly represent them and now we're stuck with an agreement that will never give you the opportunity to recall or fire a single library board member. I'm overwhelmingly disappointed in our township board and our local papers for not pointing this out, or correcting this. Not only are we stuck with an 81% tax increase, township tax payers have now lost control of almost half of our library. Not exactly worth cheering about is it?

Michael L. Powell

Independence Township

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