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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin

Rough reporting

August 27, 2014 - It's not easy doing this job.

It has been made apparent to me, time and time again, the Clarkson city manager feels I am the main cause of her issues over the past year.

Her comments to me have been down right vindictive, and blame is placed squarely on me.

I have been through this type of thing before, when someone won't take responsibility for their own behavior, so they blame you as the square root of their problem. Meanwhile, all I was doing was my job.

I don't want to hear how troubles you cause are my fault. I am not the one who made the cutting remarks to cause the frenzy in the first place.

It was not my action that set in motion the rippling effect known as consequences.

It's not like I hated the manager, and made it my mission to cause her grief. I rather liked her, and I think she has done the best job she can, and reacted the way she naturally would to critical critics.

Problem is when you take a job as a public official, you are required to talk to people you would like to avoid. Short answers to questions and more cutting remarks are just stirring the pot.

I know someone, who will do anything he can to avoid conflict. This someone says:

How far away, yet so close, are the worries of the world. In this small piece of the universe all is peaceful except for occasional complaints about this or that. Thousands of miles separate troubles, much greater than ours. The close problems easier to ignore, yet even more pressing.

To ignore the true goings on, an avoidance, a learned thing to evade the important for your soul to survive.

A person filled with so many of his own worries, he forsakes his own and takes on instead, some other trouble. Something he can't touch, and will never touch him.

Such a man is always distant, cold on many levels, almost untouchable to everything meant to truly matter. Flying through the days of life, he watches, not realizing how the days whisk by.

What is important to such a man? It is the big picture only, for the details don't amuse.

This person does not care who shuts him out, for what troubles him is much greater than you can imagine.

Staff writer covering Independence Township and Clarkston area.
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