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Letters to the Editor

August 27, 2014 - Schools not the same

Dear Editor,

Our family recently moved to Clarkston from a town of 10,000 on the west side of Michigan. My husband and I grew up in Clarkston and were excited to expose our children to the great place we grew up. My excitement has been diminished by the school system here.

I feel the school system is not conducive to two working parents. First, we had no information about which elementary they would attend, their teachers or their bus routes until the last week. In the town we came from, all of this information has been distributed for over a month.

It is very difficult to plan when no information is available. We tried calling both the administrative offices as well as the school. While the staff was pleasant, no information was available. Secondly, when we tried to register for Kids Connection, we were told there was a significant wait list. We really do not have options for child care on the few days per week we need the service as we are new to the area. Thirdly, I am not sure the purpose the late start days serve, but again this puts more burden on families in which both parents work.

Additionally, our children's bus stop is 0.3 miles away from the house and I don't think that is an appropriate distance for elementary students to be expected to walk alone. Lastly, even the new family orientation and "meet the teacher" is in the middle of a work day.

Clearly, this is not the same Clarkston school system we grew up in and I am sadly disappointed in its lack of consideration for working parents.

Jennifer McAlister

Independence Township

Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock responded: "I welcome the feedback and apologize for the negative experience. We aim to serve the needs of all families and will continue to do so. We receive a tremendous amount of positive feedback on our processes and products and make adjustments continuously."

Support appreciated

Dear Editor,

We would like to thank the Clarkston Community for their support in the 17th Annual Rush for Food that was held on Friday, Aug. 22.

The Varsity and JV players canvased over 40 neighborhoods while the Freshman team worked all evening sorting and stocking the pantry of Lighthouse North. With a goal of 6,500 pounds, the teams collected 7,463 pounds of food, an increase of 1,066 pounds over last years drive!

Special thanks goes to Better Made Snack Foods Inc., Clarkston Athletic Boosters and Neiman's Family Market for donating supplies for the pre-Rush dinner. Thanks to the Clarkston Chiefs and Clarkston High School Cheerleaders for contributing food donations. Thanks to the many other parents and coaches who pitched in and volunteered at the event and provided additional donations!

Thanks go to the 17th annual Rush For Food parent committee which included Penny Canada, Lauryn Eriksen, Erika Heaton, Nancy Linton, Karen Nicklin, Kathy Kerrigan, Diane Pierce, Kim Scarlett, and Claudine Schoenherr for their time and commitment in organizing another successful year!

Finally, we would like to thank The Clarkston News and St. Daniels for hosting community drop-boxes and the Clarkston homeowners who generously donated to make this event, the 17th annual Rush For Food, such a great success! Together, we once again proved what a wonderful community Clarkston is to live in!

Karen Nicklin, publicity

CHS Football "Rush for Food"

Thanks for votes

Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank the many voters who supported me on Aug. 5. Your support meant a great deal to me and everyone involved in my campaign.

During the campaign, I worked alongside the candidates from both parties and I respect their dedication and commitment. We all have the same goal of making our district and state a better place to live, work and play; I am committed to making this a reality as your next state representative.

Having lived in this area for most of my life, it was rewarding to get to know thousands of people on a personal level, listening to their views. I will give these views a voice in Lansing. I look forward to getting to know many more of you over the next couple months and to earning your vote on Nov. 4.

Jim Tedder, Republican candidate

State Representative 43rd District

Named was confused

Dear Editor,

I was surprised to see my name in the caption under a picture of my brother Dennis in your Aug. 13 election follow-up for the 43rd District state representative race.

While I am happy to be compared to any of my six brothers, I am especially proud to be confused with Dennis who has led an exemplary life in public service. In addition to having served three tours of duty in Vietnam he has had a distinguished career in Waterford Township as trustee, treasurer and supervisor and served with distinction for four years as the city manager of the City of the Village of Clarkston.

I believe Dennis will win this election and will do an outstanding job for the citizens of the 43rd district. I hope my name on his picture doesn't hurt his chances.

In the meantime, don't worry about having confused me for Dennis. Being two of 12 siblings our parents couldn't keep us straight either.

Fred Ritter


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