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August 27, 2014 - Trucks were there before homeowners

It never ceases to amaze me how people will move near an airport, in the direct line of a runway, and then complain about the sounds made by the airplanes.

This mentality seems to be right here in Oxford.

W. Burdick has been where it is almost as long as the Village of Oxford, possibly longer. No one can honestly claim large trucks have not used that road until now. People moved into homes near this road. For some reason, instead of accepting responsibility for their actions, some of those living near W. Burdick want the Village Council to ban truck use, or part of it, on that road.

In The Oxford Leader, 8/20/14 article one person said her family has lived on W. Burdick for 22 years, said continuing to allow the current level of traffic is "unfair to the families that live here". Two things came to my mind when I read that statement. Her family moved into the situation 22 years ago. Trucks were already there when the family moved in. Her family chose to live there. Why, now, should other residents of the township be made to suffer? Action by the Village Council would divert those large trucks onto other nearby roads, (most likely Drahner, Granger and then onto Marketplace through Waterstone, Hummer Lake Rd. and Oakwood). There are homes as close or closer to the roads as the homes on W. Burdick.

These other roads are not made to handle large heavy truck traffic. Drahner is not paved all the way from Lapeer Rd. to Baldwin. Continued heavy truck traffic will destroy the unpaved portions leaving Oxford Township taxpayers or the adjacent property owners to pay to keep it in usable condition. Granger is a gravel road and would suffer the same damage and expenses or worse, not to mention residents along Marketplace surely don't want heavy trucks in Waterstone. They should not have to; they are not the ones who moved near a busy road. Hummer lake Rd. is gravel and would suffer the same damage and expenses or worse. It is not built for the truck traffic it already has and doesn't need more. Oakwood is paved but does anyone using common sense really believes all those large heavy fuel consuming trucks will travel the extra distance to Oakwood?

I called the Oxford Village offices and was told that Drahner, Granger, Hummer Lake Rd, and Oakwood are not state approved truck routes so large trucks should not be using them. Neither is W. Burdick and the Village Council haa spent much time addressing the problem of trucks on it. If large, overweight trucks are not allowed on any of these roads, including W. Burdick, the responsible answer for the village lies with enforcement, not creating problems and expenses for residents of Oxford Township. If large trucks are violating the law now and the drivers are ignoring the law, what makes anyone think they will obey a new law?

We have repeatedly heard: "The Village and Township need to work together we have to get along." The village diverting large heavy trucks onto township roads, not made for them, is showing no regard for the rest of the township and no effort to get along. Should the Village Council be foolish enough to divert truck traffic off W. Burdick, it is in fact saying "This is class warfare, Oxford Village residents moved into a bad situation, but the rest of the township is going to pay for their short sighted thinking. We only want to get along when doing so benefits the village over the township."

It is easy to be swayed by fifty or a hundred citizens filling a room, but the Township has thousands of residents that could be affected by the Village Council's actions.

Ron Meyer


Thoughts on twp. hall, Vets Hall

I know the town hall expansion is a done deal but I often get upset at the "out with the old, in with the new" attitude that seems to prevail in our government. According to the Oxford Leader article we will now be expanding our new township hall, at the cost of over $1M, to accommodate meeting room space for 100, "future" use space and a new sheriff department substation. This enables the township "to rid itself of the aging building, commonly known as Vet's Hall, that costs much more to maintain than it generates in revenue...".

Well, I believe that almost every government building in Oxford costs more to maintain than it generates in revenue. How much revenue, I wonder, does our new township hall generate? I bet it's close to zero. How much revenue will it generate after the $1M expansion? Again, I'm guessing close to zero. I also wonder how much the new township hall costs to maintain?

Also it was reported that a group of senior citizens meet a few times a week at Vet's Hall. In reality, the hall is used every day of the week for Meals on Wheels, two days a week for bingo, two days a week for dancing and two days a week for card playing. It also houses a computer lab and a give-and-take library for seniors.

The Vet's Hall is a wonderful location for weddings, showers and graduation parties but the marketing of it seems non-existent. It's a beautiful building and would generate more revenue if marketed correctly.

Mary Reynolds


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