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Public Safety Log

August 01, 2012 - Monday, July 30

* Malicious destruction of property reported on Great Pines Drive. No suspects in the slashing of two tires.

* Car accident and truck rollover on Lakeville Road and Bay Pointe Drive. No injuries reported.

Sunday, July 29

* Car fire on Lakeville Road. Fire began in the engine compartment and was not the result of a collision or a road hazard. No injuries reported

* Animal complaint registered on Park Street. Dog barking incessantly. Problem has been ongoing, caller explained.

* More malicious destruction, this time on Pearl Street. Ex-wife is blamed for breaking house door.

Saturday, July 28

* Knife fight at Lakeville and Parker Lake roads.

* Two-car accident at South Washington and Mechanic streets.

Friday, July 27

* License plate stolen at South Washington and Burdick streets.

* Family trouble reported on Broadway Street. Intoxicated male destroying house.

Thursday, July 26

* Breaking and entering reported on Oxford Road. Two men seen with crowbars trying to enter burned-out house. Suspects later determined to be merely accompanying an insurance adjuster. Case closed.

* Still more malicious destruction of property, this time on Chinkapin Rill. Caller heard something hitting his house and observed small holes in the exterior of his house. Responding officer observed holes in siding. No suspects identified at this time.

* Even more malicious destruction of property reported on Somerville Street. Caller reported four tires slashed. No suspects named at this time.

Wednesday, July 25

* Possible breaking and entering reported on Pontiac Street. Caller reported a cut in a screen, but nothing was deemed to be missing from house.

* Truck versus phone pole on South Lapeer Road. No injuries reported.

* West-bound truck exited roadway on East Drahner. Passengers reported a reckless driver speeding eastbound who required them to overcompensate in a curve, lose control of the vehicle and leave the road to eventually strike a tree. No injuries reported.

* Breaking and entering by juveniles reported on Glaspie Street. Suspects were advised by police and left without incident. No damage to building reported.

Tuesday, July 24

* Two-car accident at North Washington and Burdick streets.

* Complaints made about late-night, noisy, basketball-playing, cussing juveniles on Lakes Edge Drive.

Monday, July 23

* Sex offender on Red Barn Road failed to register. Suspect now lives on North Washington Street.

* Unidentified juveniles blamed for egging, toilet papering, and painting pornographic graffiti on signs on High Point Drive.

* Bicycle found on Lakes Edge and Oakwood Court. Can be retrieved at police station.

* Skateboarding youths reported at Pleasant and Dayton streets.

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