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February 01, 2012 - PUBLIC NOTICE







Section 66-152 is hereby amended to read as follows:

Schedule Parking violation fines:

For handicap violations the fine shall be $100.00

For parking longer than posted time limits the fine shall be $15.00

For all other parking violations the fines shall be $40.00

Sec. 66-147.  Parking violations bureau.

(a)   The village manager shall establish a parking violations bureau, which may be part of an established parking violations bureau, staffed with qualified employees to administer the bureau and adopt rules and regulations for the operation thereof.

(b)   Only those violations scheduled in this article shall be disposed of by the parking violations bureau. The fact that a particular violation is scheduled shall not entitle the alleged violator to disposition of the violation at the bureau, and may be ticketed into a court of competent jurisdiction by the officer citing the violation.

(c)   No penalty for any violation shall be accepted at the parking violations bureau from any person who denies having committed the offense, and in no case shall the person who is in charge of the bureau determine, or attempt to determine, the truth of any fact or matter relating to such alleged violation. No person shall be required to dispose of a parking violation at the violations bureau, and shall be entitled to appear before a court of competent jurisdiction.

(Ord. No. 300.02, § 2, 7-11-1989)

Sec. 66-148.  Public parking lots.

Any lot or area designated as a free public parking lot shall be restricted to 24 consecutive hours of parking with certain rules and regulations as designated by resolution of the village council. In all free parking areas within the village limits, there shall be no parking between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. daily, unless posted otherwise. All time limits will be posted in the parking area and will be authorized and subject to change by resolution of the village council.

(Ord. No. 300.02, § 3, 7-11-1989)

Sec. 66-149.  Violations.

(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to cause or permit any vehicle registered in his name to be unlawfully parked as set out in this article.

(b)   Parking spaces may be used by vehicles during the legal parking limits provided by this article and vehicles shall be considered unlawfully parked if they remain in such space beyond the posted parking limits.

(c)   The issuance of a traffic ticket or notice of violation by a police officer shall be deemed an allegation of a parking violation. Such traffic ticket or notice of violation shall indicate that the person to whom such citation was issued must respond to the parking violations bureau within 48 hours of issuance of such citation.

(d)   Failure to pay the stated fine to the parking violations bureau within the specified time limits shall be deemed a choice of the cited person declining resolution by fine, and the matter shall be referred to the district court automatically, for resolution consistent with section 66-152, in accordance with state law. (Ord. No. 300.02, § 4, 7-11-1989)

Sec. 66-150.  Parking off roadways.

It shall be unlawful to drive, operate, or park any type of motor vehicle between any roadway and any building, or between the sidewalk and building unless on a designated and maintained driveway. This provision does not apply to temporary use of vehicles actively engaged in effectuating repairs or excavation to such building on such property. (Ord. No. 300.01, § 1, 4-11-1989)

Sec. 66-151.  Citation procedures.

(a)   Arrest powers not abrogated.  Nothing in this article shall be construed to abridge the power of a police officer to arrest any violator and take the violator into custody. 

(b)   Procedure for tagging vehicles.  Whenever any motor vehicle is found parked or stopped in violation of any of the restrictions imposed by this article, the officer finding such vehicle shall take its registration number and may take any other information displayed on the vehicle which may identify its user, and shall conspicuously affix to such vehicle a notice in writing for the driver to answer to the charge within two days at the time and place specified in the notice. The officer shall deliver copies of such notice to the parking violations bureau. 

(c)   Procedure for impoundment of vehicles.  Any police officer may impound any motor vehicle parked at a place where parking is prohibited by this article, or which has been parked for more than two hours in excess of the time allowed for parking in any place, or which has been involved in two or more violations of this article for which citation tags have been issued and not disposed of within the specified time at the parking violations bureau or a court of competent jurisdiction as required in this article. Any person desiring to redeem such impounded vehicle shall first pay such fine as may be assessed for the violation for which such motor vehicle was impounded, together with the costs of towing and impoundment.  (Ord. No. 300.02, § 5, 7-11-1989)

Sec. 66-152.  Violations and fines.

The following shall be considered parking violations in the village, and the penalties shall be as listed for violation citations presented and paid at the parking violations bureau.

(1)   Parking too far from curb $40.00

(2)   Angle parking violations 40.00

(3)   Obstructing traffic 40.00

(4)   Handicapped (any lot, public or private) 100.00

(5)   Prohibited parking (signs unnecessary):

a.   On sidewalk 40.00

b.   Blocking driveway 40.00

c.   Within intersection 40.00

d.   Within 15 feet of hydrant 40.00

e.   On crosswalk 40.00

f. Within 20 feet of crosswalk or

15 feet of corner lot lines 40.00

g.   Within 20 feet of street side traffic

sign or signal 40.00

h.   Within 50 feet of railroad crossing 40.00

i.    Within 20 feet of fire station entrance 40.00

j.    Within 75 feet of fire station entrance on

opposite side of street (sign necessary) 40.00

k.   Beside street excavation when traffic

is obstructed 40.00

l.    Double parking 40.00

m.   Within 100 feet of accident where

police are in attendance 40.00

n.   In front of theatre 40.00

o.   Blocking emergency exit 40.00

p.   Blocking fire escape 40.00

q.   Within 200 feet of emergency and

firefighting equipment 40.00

r.   In alley 40.00

(6)   Parking longer than posted time limits 15.00

(7)   Parking for prohibited purposes:

a.   Displaying vehicle for sale 40.00

b.   Working or repairing vehicle 40.00

c.   Displaying advertising 40.00

d.   Storage over 48 hours 40.00

(8)   Wrong wheel to curb 40.00

(9)   Loading zone violation 40.00

(10)   Bus, parking other than at bus stop 40.00

(11)   Abandoned vehicles

(plus towing and storage charge) 40.00

(12)   Disabled vehicle, failure to move 40.00

(13)   Keys in vehicle or motor running 40.00

(14)   In prohibited zone:

a.   Posted prohibited zone 40.00

b.   Tow away zone 40.00

c.   Fire lane 40.00

d.   No overnight parking 40.00

(15)   Between sidewalk and curb 40.00

(16)   Private property, without owner's consent 40.00

(17)   Taxicab, parking other than at cabstand 40.00

(18)   Bus, taxicab stand violations 40.00

(19)   Parked on grade, wheels not turned

to curb 40.00

(Ord. No. Amendment approved 01-24-2012, effective February 22, 2012)

All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed only to the extent necessary to give this ordinance full force and effect.

Should any portion of this ordinance be held invalid for any reason, such holding shall not be construed as affecting the validity of any of the remaining portions of this ordinance.

DATE OF PASSAGE: January 24, 2012

DATE OF PUBLICATION: February 2, 2012

EFFECTIVE DATE: February 22, 2012

Motion by Helmuth, second by Bailey. Motion carried.

Thomas Benner, Village President

Susan C. Nassar, Village Clerk

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