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Oxford Village

Synopsis of regular council meeting August 14, 2012

August 22, 2012 - village of oxford

synopsis of regular council meeting august 14, 2012

Call to Order

1. Pledge of Allegiance- moment of silence for our troops in the Armed Forces.

2. Roll Call- Albensi, Bailey, Nichols, President Benner Absent: Helmuth

3. Approval of Minutes- Minutes of July 24, 2012 as presented - Motion carried.

4. Approve the agenda Move item 10G to after item 13 - Motion carried.

5. Presentations: Oakland County Dispatch Services

6. Call to Public non agenda items

7. Consent Agenda:

A. Correspondence: Letter, Reports and Minutes Motion carried to received & file Board, Commission & Committee Updates: Presented information on the following: DDA, Planning Commission, ZBA, Polly Ann Trail, NOTA, OAYA, Cable Commission.

B. Appointments to Boards and Commissions none

C. CDBG update- will solicit bids for Luick sidewalk

8. Approved Bills - bill run dated August 10, 2012 amount of $138,971.67. Motion carried.

9. Unfinished/Old Business none

10. New Business:

A. Oakland County Presentation (discussion)

B. First Reading of Fireworks Ordinance Amendment Motion carried

C. Traffic Control Order- Lakeville at State-deny no right turn 7-8 am school days motion carried

D. Planning Commission Recommendation regarding permit fees set fees motion carried.

E. Personnel Policy Change- Health insurances program, providers and one-time payment and employee Contribution to 5% for new hires motion carried to set aside.

F. MERS Pension- Employee Contribution 5% for new hires motion carried for POLC members

G. Closed Session with negotiation for collective bargaining- Tentative Agreement with AFSCME- DPW Union motion carried to set aside.

11. Public Comment

12. Manager's Report

13. Clerk's Report

14. Council Comments

15. Adjournment at 10:20pm - Motion carried.

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