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Oxford Village

Synopsis of Dec. 11, 2012 meeting

December 19, 2012 - village of oxford

synopsis of regular council

meeting december 11, 2012

Call to Order

1. Pledge of Allegiance- moment of silence for our troops

2. Roll Call- Albensi, Bailey, Nichols, Helmuth. Absent: President Benner

3. Approval of Minutes- Approve Minutes of November 27, 2012 as presented - Motion carried.

4. Approve the agenda – Motion carried.

5. Presentations: Annual Audit-Abraham & Gaffney and Forensic Audit Update

6. Call to Public – non agenda items.

7. Consent Agenda: Motion carried.

A. Correspondence: Letter, Reports and Minutes –

Board, Commission & Committee Updates: Presented information on the following:

DDA, Planning Commission, ZBA, Polly Ann Trail, NOTA, OAYA, Cable Commission, CDBG.

B. Appointments-Boards/Commissions – Motion carried-J. Campbell's resignation-Planning Commission

8. Approved Bills - bill run dated December 7, 2012 for $121,308.54 - Motion carried.

9. Unfinished/Old Business –

A. CDBG - Louck Street Sidewalk Project – Award Bid to Valley Building and Cost-sharing proposal with IMP-motion carried.

B. Lease Amendment -AT&T adding to Cell tower-Motion carried add New Cingular Wireless

C. Contract and Purchase Offers for rights AT & T Cell Tower Lease- Motion carried to set aside

D. Natural Gas Program Alternatives-Motion carried for Integrys Energy Contract

E. Telephone Service Billing Issues–Contract Change Request –Motion Carried to change carrier if changeover terms are not met

F. Recommendation on Planning Commission membership and compensation-Motion carried to maintain membership with review in six months without compensation.

10. New Business

A. Receipt of Annual Audit-motion carried to receive and file

B. First Reading-Purchasing Ordinance Amendment "USA" "Oxford First"-motion carried

C. Planning Commission by-laws amendment- motion carried approved bylaws amendments

D. Federal Highway Admin. Street Sign Inventory Proposal-motion carried awarded Goby & Assoc.

E. Water Rate-vacant property - Scheduled Public Hearing Jan. 8, 2013-motion carried

F. Schedule Public Hearing-Sewer Ordinance Amend.- Scheduled Public Hearing Jan. 8, 2013-motion carried

11. Public Comment

12. Manager's Report

13 Clerk's Report

14 Council Comments

15. Adjournment at 8:29pm - Motion carried.

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