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Squaw Lake Canal Special Assessment District





Squaw Lake Canal Special Assessment District

Notice is hereby given that the Charter Township of Oxford ("Township") Board of Trustees will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as may be heard at the Oxford Veterans Memorial Civic Center located at 28 North Washington Street, Second Floor, Oxford, MI 48371 regarding whether to establish a special assessment district for the eradication and control of aquatic weeds in the Squaw Lake Canal.

The Township Clerk has received a petition for a special assessment district to make the improvements from the record of owners of land constituting more than 50% of the total land area in the proposed special assessment district, which is described below. Any objections including written appeals to the petition shall be heard at the hearing.

The Township Board of Trustees intends to make the improvements in accordance with Act 188 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1954, as amended. Preliminary plans, estimates of the cost, and the special assessment roll for the improvements are on file with the Township Clerk for public examination. Annual redeterminations of costs may be necessary without a change in the special assessment district

The proposed special assessment district is described as follows:

Parcel Number Address

04-29-251-001 1987 Harwood Drive

04-29-251-002 1968 Hat-wood Drive

04-29-251-003 1954 Harwood Drive

04-29-251-004 1940 Harwood Drive

04-29-251-005 1889 Harwood Drive

04-29-251-006 1867 Harwood Drive

04-29-251-007 1845 Harwood Drive

04-29-251-008 1819 Hai-wood Drive

04-29-251-009 1801 Harwood Drive

04-29-251-010 1791 Harwood Drive

04-29-276-022 1715 Harwood Drive

04-29-252-001 425 Sanders Road

04-29-252-002 1954 Squaw Lagoon Drive

04-29-252-003 19.32 Squaw Lagoon Drive

04-29-252-004 19.36 Squaw Lagoon Drive

04-29-252-005 1888 Squaw Lagoon Drive

04-29-252-006 1866 Squaw Lagoon Drive

04-29-252-007 1844 Squaw Lagoon Drive

04-29-252-008 1822 Squaw Lagoon Drive

04-29-252-009 1800 Squaw Lagoon Drive


Boundary Map of Proposed

Squaw Lake Canal Special Assessment District

Description of Proposed

Square Lake Canal Special Assessment District

Beginning at the intersection of the easterly Sanders Road right-of-way and the southerly Harwood Drive rightof-way; thence in an easterly direction 1.380.0 feet along the south right-of-way line of Harwood Drive to the northeast corner of Parcel 04-29-276-022; thence in a southerly direction 554.8 feet along the east property line of Parcel 04-29-276-022 to the southeast corner of said property, also located on the south side of Squaw Lake Canal; thence westerly 294.0 feet and northwesterly 138.1 feet along the south line of Parcel 04-29-276-022; thence westerly 40.0 feet along the south line of Parcel 04-29-251-010; thence southerly 34.5 feet along the east line of Parcel 04-29-2.52-009 to a point on the northerly right-of-way, of Squaw Lagoon Drive; thence westerly 1008.2 feet along the north right-of-way line of Squaw Lagoon Drive to the east right-of-way line of Sanders Road, said point also being the southwest corner of Parcel 04-29-252-001; thence northerly .300.0 feet along the east right-of-way line of Sanders Road to the point of beginning.

At this Public Hearing for which this Notice is given, an owner, or his or her agent, or other person having an interest in the real property within the above described Squaw Lake Canal Special Assessment District must file air appearance and protest at the Public Hearing on the special assessment roll in order- to appeal the amount of their assessment to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. Appearance or protest may also be filed by letter and appearance shall not be necessary. Any appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal must be filed within .30 days after the date the special assessment roll is confirmed.

The Charter Township of Oxford will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing impaired and audiotapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting/hearing. Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services shall contact the Charter Township of Oxford, by writing or calling Curtis W. Wright, Township Clerk (248) 628-9787 as soon as possible to allow the Township sufficient time to have available the aids and services.

Curtis W. Wright, Clerk

Charter Township of Oxford

300 Dunlap Road

PO Box .3

Oxford, MI 48.371-0003


PUBLISHED: Oxford Leader - December 26, 2012 and January 2, 2013



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