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Brandon Township

February 4, 2013 Synopsis

February 20, 2013 - BRANDON TOWNSHIP

Regular Board meeting

February 4, 2013 Synopsis

Trustees Present: Allen, DePalma, Lapp, Rumball, DeWitt, Thurman

Absent: Darnall

1) Approved the agenda as amended.

2) Approved the Consent Agenda which contained the following items:

· Regular Meeting Minutes of January 7, 2013

· Supervisor – Lake Louise Board Appointments

· Trustee Timesheets in the amount of $837.00

· Regular Bills in the amount of $11,229.94

· Pre-Pays in the amount of $319,426.26

3) Approved to table the Resolution for the Outdoor Application Fee until the next board meeting

4) Approved to not pay the Government Membership Fee of $900.00 to the Clinton Watershed Council.

5) Approved to waive the $500.00 variance fee and $75.00 sign permit fee for the Ortonville Chamber of Commerce sign installation at the Renn Insurance Location.

6) Approved to decline the Brandon Township's participation in the Oakland County 2013 West Nile Virus Program.

7) Approved to enter into and approve the 2013 Clean-Up Recycling and refuse Collection Agreement with Bedrock Express Limited as presented.

8) Approved to authorize the Supervisor to diversify the Township's Retiree Health Funding vehicle holdings by allocating 50% to the MERS Established Market Fund and 50% to the MERS Total Market Fund.

9) Approved the appointment of Ron Lapp, Bill DeWitt, and Kathy Thurman to the Improvement Sub-Committee to perform the tasks as presented and amended.

10) Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Posted by Candee Allen, Brandon Township Clerk, 395 Mill Street, PO Box 929, Ortonville, MI 48462

Publish in The Citizen 2-16-13

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