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Feb. 19, 2013 board meeting synopsis

March 13, 2013 - Township of Addison

Board Meetings Synopsis

The Addison Township Board; it's members Supervisor Pearson, Clerk Bennett, Treasurer Fisher, Trustee Brakefield, Trustee Boehmer, Trustee Gierak and Trustee Sutphin held a regular meeting on February 19, 2013 at the Addison Township Complex, located at 1440 Rochester Rd. Leonard, MI. 48367.

The following action was taken at meeting by the Township Board:

∑ Amended agenda to remove the Minutes from consent agenda for discussion/action.

∑ Approved the consent agenda consisting of: the bills as paid for December 2012 and January 2013, Authorization for TWLA grant application letter of support and Kingsbury School 56th Annual Fair; Sunday, June 2, 2013 contingent upon approvals for liquor license and Addison Township as additionally insured.

∑ Approved the insertion of in-lieu-of discussion into the minutes.

∑ Final review of the 2013/14 Budget before the Public Hearing in March.

∑ Approved the Resolution for the 2013 Fire Department Wage.

∑ Waived the purchasing ordinance and approved the renewal agreement for 2013 Road Chloride.

∑ Approved the renewal agreement for Spring Clean Up; May 11, 2013.

∑ Authorized Administration to research options/steps for one waste hauler within the Township.

∑ Approved the following Appointments: One appointment to OAYA. Patti Durr; Oxford Township Representative, two appointments, three year terms as Park Rangers; Joe Fisher and Joe Schnur, two appointments, three year terms to the Planning Commission; Bill Devine and John Comps, two appointments, three year terms to the Park Committee Joe Schnur and Alternate Larry Douglas and four appointments, two year term to Board of Review, Bob Zerwick, Jerry Galea, Rod Blaysck and Lisa Taddiken, alternate.

Please contact the Clerk's office if you have questions. Copies of the draft minutes are available for review or purchase at the Clerk's office, located at the above address.

Pauline Bennett, Addison Township Clerk


Publish: March 13, 2013

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