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Synopsis of Oct. 7, 2013 meeting

October 30, 2013 - BRANDON TOWNSHIP




OCTOBER 7, 2013

Members Present: Thurman, Darnall, Allen, DeWitt, DePalma

Absent: Rumball (with notice), Lapp (with notice)

Citizens: 6 present

1) Approved Agenda as Amended

2) Set 2014 Parks & Rec. budget for further consideration at a sub-committee meeting

3) Approved the Consent Agenda as published and amended which contained these items:

Special Meeting Minutes of August 21, 2013

Regular Meeting Minutes of September 3, 2013

Regular Bills in the amount of $61,355.28

Pre-pays in the amount of $308,449.23

Trustee time sheets in the amount of $837.00

4) Approved replacement of the township servers by DigitalMedics for $9,897.99 as quoted to cover the cost of hardware from Shared Equipment line item #101-917-977-000. Installation fees will be taken from Computer Maintenance line item #101-944-756-151 after completion

5) Approved loaning the 1981 Plat Book to the Historical Society

6) Adopted at this 2nd reading, an amendment to the Code or Ordinances adding to Chapter 24, Section 24-48, adding the inclusion of law enforcement and a designated fire marshal as persons authorized to issue and serve tickets for the Charter Township of Brandon, Oakland County, Michigan.

7) Accepted introduction (1st reading) of an amendment to Chapter 28, Article V. Offenses Against Public Peace, Section 28-230, on the use of consumer fireworks in the Code of Ordinances, for the Charter Township of Brandon, Oakland County, Michigan

8) Approved the purchase of cemetery software from Legacy Mark for $3,885.22 as quoted and transfer of $4,000.00 from Designated Cemetery line 250-000-390-209 to Cemetery 209-000-699-209

9) Approved to pay an additional $28,639.22 to the MERS Health Care Funding Vehicle in 2013, to amend line item #101-944-915-731 from $0 to $28,639.22, to amend Carry Forward line item #101-944-985-000 from $379,028.12 to $350,388.90, and to contribute $38,158 annually to the MERS Health Care Funding Vehicle in quarterly disbursements beginning in 2014

10) Adjourned at 9:12p.m.

A full copy of the minutes is available at the Clerk's office, 395 Mill Street, PO Box 929, Ortonville, MI 48462 or on the Brandon Township Website at

Posted by Candee Allen, Brandon Township Clerk, 395 Mill Street, PO Box 929, Ortonville, MI 48462.

Publish in The Citizen 10-26-13

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