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Oxford Village

Synopsis of January 14, 2014 meeting

January 22, 2014 - village of oxford

synopsis of regular council meeting january 14, 2014

Call to Order

1. Pledge of Allegiance- moment of silence for troops

2. Roll Call- Bailey, Bossardet, Helmuth, Cloutier, Nichols

3. Approve the agenda – Motion carried as presented

4. Public Presentation/Public Hearing: none

5. Call to Public – for non-agenda items.

6. Consent Agenda:

A. Approval of Minutes: Regular meeting December 10/Special meeting December 18, 2014

B. Correspondence

C. Letters, Reports and Minutes

D. Board and Commission Updates- DDA, PC, ZBA, PATMC, NOTA, OAYA, Cable, CDBG

E. Bills - confirmation and approval

F. Monthly Budget Report and Budget Amendments

G. CDBG PY 14 Annual Action Plan Authorization Resolution

H. Oakland County Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution

I. Ordinance Amendment for Conditional Zoning Standards- set public hearing

Motion carried to approve consent agenda items.

7. Unfinished/Old Business

8. New Business:

A. Letter of Intent for Development at 98 Glaspie- Raven Engineering

B. Oxford Township Dispatch Services

1. Motion to enter into a closed session under MCL 15.267 2

2. Closed Session

3. Motion carried to go back into open session.

4. Motion carried to resend the letter dated December 13, 2013 to the township attorney

5. 2014-15 Budget Meeting Schedule –Motion carried

9. Items removed from consent agenda (from item 8)-none

10. Public Comment

11. Manager's Report

12. Clerk's Report

13. Council Comments

14. Adjournment at 7:49pm

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