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Wheelock & Watkins Drain Preliminary Engineering

January 29, 2014 - Public Notice

Wheelock & Watkins Drain Preliminary Engineering

Report Is Available For Review

The Report Authorized By The Genesee County Drain Commission Was Completed By Fleis & Vandenbrink Engineering And Submitted To The Village Of Goodrich For Review. The Report Describes The Current Logistics Pertaining To The Wheelock & Watkins Drain And Recommends Two Alternative Plans That Addresses The Flooding That Occurred In The Village. Both Plans Would Replace The Current Drain (Which The Report Deems Under Sized) With Larger Sized Drain Pipes And Would Cost Upward Of $600,000. 00 To $700,000.00 The Drain Commission Has The Final Authority To Select And Approve The Construction Of A New Drain And The Method Of Financing. A Special Assessment Will Be Levied On The Village Of Goodrich And Parcels In The Drainage District. The Drain Commission Will Not Be Assessed. Interest Parties Have 30 Days From Decembert 30, 2013 To Comment In Writing To The Drain Commisssion. A Copy Of The Report Can Be Obtained From The Drain Commission Web Site www.Gcdcswm.com. Or At The Village Office For A Small Fee.

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