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Ortonville Village

Synopsis of July 28, 2014 meeting

August 13, 2014 - Village of Ortonville

Brandon Township Offices

395 Mill Street

Ortonville Village

Council Meeting

July 28, 2014 Synopsis

Trustees Present: Skornicka, Baker, Waters, Peters, Wills

Absent: Eschmann (with notice)

1) Approved the agenda as presented

2) Approved the Minutes of the Village Council Meeting June 23, 2014

3) Acceptance Items:

A. Treasurer's Report June 2014

B. DDA Regular Meeting Minutes July 2014

4) Approved payment of July bills in the amount of $44,975.40

5) Approved an addition to the Ball Street Bridge Construction Engineering Services Budget by an amount not to exceed $16,838.49

6) Approved the proposal submitted by Lewis & Knopf CPA's, P.C. to complete the Village of Ortonville 2013-2014 annual audit for the amount of $6,500.00

7) Council agreed that the Skate Park will remain closed this season due to little interest. The Village will attempt to open the Park next year during the normal season. If, at that time, no interest is shown, the decision can be made as to how to deal with the Park and equipment.

8) Regular meeting adjourned at 7:46 p.m.

Posted by Julie Knight, Village of Ortonville Clerk. A full copy of the minutes are available at the Clerk's office located at 476 Mill Street, PO BOX 928, Ortonville, Michigan 48462 or on the Village Website @ www.ortonvillevillage.com.

Publish in The Citizen 8-9-14

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