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'The Trial of Goldilocks'

May 23, 2012 - Once again, Scripps Middle School students took to the stage and wowed audiences on May 17 and 18.

Students displayed their courtroom acumen on the Scripps stage as they portrayed the roles of judge, lawyers, clients, and jury in the hilariously funny rhyming play "The Trial of Goldilocks." Depicting a courtroom teaming with a senile judge, food-obsessed prosecuting attorney, and an immature defense lawyer, there were many laughs to be had.

However, it was the jury that emerged the real victims for having to put up with the courtroom chaos. With just six weeks to put together the play, the cast of nineteen said they faced a few challenges putting on a show in such a short period of time.

Not only did they have audiences rolling in the aisles, they did so with cast members missing due to illness.

"I'm incredibly proud of these kids," said Director Rebecca Lowe. "The cast really came together as a family and covered for each other. When they filled in for our absent cast members, even I couldn't tell what lines weren't originally theirs.

"I'm really looking forward to putting on another play next year."

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