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Impetigo cases 3, not 15 on JV football team

October 02, 2013 - Last week, parents received an e-mail alert from Oxford Community Schools dispelling any rumors of a MRSA outbreak, but informing them that 15 cases of Impetigo, a highly contagious staph infection was confirmed among the JV Football Team. However, since the event, that number has changed.

"According to our Athletic Director Mike Watson, we officially have three doctor-diagnosed, confirmed cases of Impetigo, not 15," said Jenny Matteson, communications coordinator for OCS. "The number provided on Tuesday was incorrect, but was the most current information available at the time."

Matteson noted they received information regarding the infection at the start of JV Football practice on Sept. 23. Why the number 15 was given is still unknown.

"The word 'confirmed' was used and it should have been the word 'suspected,'" she added.

Once they received the information, Matteson said district procedures went into effect and all athletic locker rooms and training rooms sanitized.

"These rooms are cleaned and sanitized daily; however, additional care was taken (on the) evening (of Sept. 23) as a precautionary measure," she said. "In addition, the players were asked to take their personal equipment home for cleaning. Finally, a letter to all student-athlete parents was sent home by the athletic department."

According to a fact sheet sent to parents "Impetigo can be transmitted by skin to skin contact with someone carrying a staph infection, contact with surfaces possessing staph or through sharing equipment or clothing."

Ways to prevent Impetigo include: Frequently wash hands with liquid anti-bacterial soap or alcohol based hand sanitizer, proper wound care such as making sure open wounds, scrapes, cuts or burns are cleaned and bandaged; not sharing equipment, clothing or towels and to keep personal items personal because impetigo is often spread through direct contact.

Finally players are urged to shower with soap and water after playing sports and regularly clean their personal equipment, clothing and even gym bag.

Trevor graduated with degrees in English and communications from Rochester College. He wrote for his college and LA View newspapers before joining The Clarkston News in May 2007.
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