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One candidate's filed for school board so far

Paula Foster (click for larger version)
June 18, 2014 - As of deadline on Monday, only one candidate has filed so far for one of the four open seats on the Oxford School Board. That candidate is Paula Foster.

Foster has lived in Oxford for more than 15 years with her husband of 18 years, Erick, and their 10-year-old son, who will be a fifth-grader at Oxford Elementary in the fall.

Foster, who has a social worker background, has lots of experience with working in the schools.

"I've worked in the district and worked for Head-Start for over four years as the family service case manager or the famous 'family service worker' in layman's terms," she said. "Also, I currently sub in the district, so I've seen the insides of all the fantastic people who work in the district."

However, Foster has also seen a breakdown and a communication gap between administration and parents.

"I just want to lend my voice to the parents. I feel like that's my strength," she added. "There are so many parents in the district that I think want to be more involved in their children's education, but they just can't and I feel that (by) extending myself, I can give them a voice."

Letting opinions and thoughts be heard is not only important from a parent's perspective, but from the board's perspective as well, which is why Foster believes the board should make themselves more available to the public.

"I feel that we need to make sure that meetings are held (in the) open and we need work very hard to make sure we don't change (meeting) times and dates and locations, so when people come and they want to voice their concerns and share something that we are available to them," she said. "I feel we need to be more forthcoming in making sure we don't do those things and we are being proactive and we're being honest (with) the public that we serve."

While Oxford is "providing a quality education," it's another area where Foster "It's for raising the bar for even the average student or if we're looking at kids who have special needs, how are we catering to their needs?" she asked. "That looks different for every child. I really want to build on that and sometimes you have to think outside the box. Every child is different and every child learns differently."

Foster said she is very excited about meeting people and she hopes to be a voice in the community.

"I genuinely love people and I am a relentless advocate," she added. "If someone comes to me and they're are upset and they're just frustrated, I want to take on that burden for them and help them get the answers they need."

To learn more about Foster, check out her Facebook Page "Elect Paula Foster."

The deadline to file as a candidate is July 22 by 4 p.m. at the Elections Division of the Oakland County Clerk's Office, located at 1200 N. Telegraph in Pontiac. For more information, visit www.oakgov.com

Trevor graduated with degrees in English and communications from Rochester College. He wrote for his college and LA View newspapers before joining The Clarkston News in May 2007.
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