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Racing through powder

February 13, 2013 - Skiiers raced into their spots in the divisional races last week at Pine Knob.

The Clarkston Boys Varsity Ski team took second place with their combine slalom and slalom scores.

The boys took first place in the slalom with 31 points. Ryan Callahan led the team, finishing in third place in 43.48. Lance Holsbeke finished fourth; Derek VanItallie, fifth; and Ben Schuster, 19th.

They finished the giant slalom in fourth place with 51 points. VanItallie led the team with his eighth place finish in 39.00. Callahan finish in 13th; Schuster, 13th; and Holsbeke, 16th.

The Lady Wolves varsity team took fifth place in their divisional race.

The girls took sixth place in their slalom race with 73 points. Caroline Spytman led, finishing in ninth in 49.42. Karoline Holsbeke was 12th place; Amanda Casetti, 12th; and Arianna Cross, 22nd.

They finished in fifth place in the giant slalom with 69 points. Holsbeke led the team finishing in 11th in 41.31. Madeline DeClercq finished in 14th place; Spytman, 20th; and Megan Gasser, 24th.

They head to regionals on Wednesday.

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