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Skiers have strong showing in divisional championships

February 13, 2013 - In the divisional championships, Oxford/Holly skiers raced against five other teams.

The boys placed second and the girls' took third overall. In the boys' slalom Grand Blanc placed first, Oxford/Holly second, Powers Catholic third, Fenton/Linden fourth and flushing fifth.

Greg Shultz led Oxford/Holly in sixth place with 1:00.07 runtime. Spencer Christen followed in eighth with 1:01.76; Zac Felix, 11th with 1:04.49; Dillon Sink, 12th with 1:05.28 Lars Joergen-Kokate 17th with 1:06.35; and Alex Van Boemel was disqualified.

In the boys' giant slalom Grand Black placed first again, Oxford/Holly second, Powers Catholic, third, Fenton/Linden, fourth and flushing in fifth.

Lars Joergen-Kokate took third with 46.08; Greg Schultz trailed closely behind in fourth with 46.57; Dillon Sink, eight with 47.44; Zac Felix, ninth with 47.52; Aaron Johnston, 13th with 47.97 and Spencer Christen in 21st with 48.98.

For the girls slalom Fenton/Linden took first, Grand Blanc, second, Oxford/Holly, third, Powers Catholic, fourth and Flushing fifth.

Emma Ford placed 10 with 1:13.47; Jessie Felix, 14th with 1:14.84; Alyssa Wysocki, 17th with 1:17.12; Montana Taube-Whit, 18th with 1:18.75; Kirsten Zielinski 20th with 1:21.53 and Abby Wrobel was disqualified

In the girls' giant slalom Grand Blanc placed first, Fenton/Linden followed in second, Oxford/Holly, third, Flushing, fourth and Powers Catholic, fifth.

Emma Ford led the way in 11th with 51.36; Alyssa Wysocki, 14th with 51.86; Abby Wrobel, 15th with 52.26; Jessie Felix, 16th with 52.38; Montana Taube-Whit, 21st with 53.80 and Tessa Vreedenburgh, 26 with 59.99.

Trevor graduated with degrees in English and communications from Rochester College. He wrote for his college and LA View newspapers before joining The Clarkston News in May 2007.
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