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Lots of variety in Clarkston Garden Walk

From left, Clarkston Farm and Garden Club members Liz Doyle, Joette Kunse and Gail Reading, in Doyle's garden, are planning this year's Clarkston Garden Walk. Photo by Krysten Cooper (click for larger version)
July 04, 2012 - The seventh annual Clarkston Garden Walk, July 11 from 12-7 p.m., promises to impress. With six gardens on the walk, all featuring artists and musicians as well as the gardens, the walk will be a great day out for people with a variety of interests.

Advance tickets for the walk can be purchased for $15 from the KH Home, Bordines, The Birdfeeder, Clarkston Country Store and the Clarkston Chamber of Commerce.

Tickets may also be purchased for $18 the day of the walk, but only from the Independence Township Library. You may also pick up a program for the event from the library.

There will be an Artist Market at the Independence Township Library featuring a variety of different artists on the day of the walk. Another feature of the day will be restaurant specials.

Restaurants in collaboration with the Clarkston Garden Walk will be offering lunch specials to anyone with a ticket for the event. There will also be a garden of interest, which is a public garden chosen by the club each year. This year it is the garden at the Senior Citizens Center.

Chair of the 2013 Clarkston Garden Walk Liz Doyle will have her garden featured on the walk this year. She is a master gardener and has been working on her garden for 32 years now.

With over 80 different varieties of Hostas as well as many other plants, 2012 Clarkston Garden Walk Co-chair Gail Reading said that Doyle's garden, "is an example of how you can take the color green and just make it shine."

Doyle pointed out that gardening, although rewarding, is not always easy, especially when you're getting ready for the Clarkston Garden Walk. You never know what the weather is going to be like.

She also said that every gardener fears they will wake up the morning of the walk to see all their plants eaten by deer.

The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club sponsors the event, and they use the money to support a number of different local things. These include the planters in downtown Clarkston, the gardens outside Independence Township Library and a number of other things that require monetary donations, such as high school scholarships and supporting 4H.

"We stay in the community," said Joette Kunse, 2012 Clarkston Garden Walk co-chair.

For information, call Kunse at 248-620-2984 or visit

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