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Celebration of freedom

July 04, 2012 - Today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day, a celebration of everything that is the United States of America. Today is a day to slow down and think about something most of us take for granted everyday: What a wonderful place we live in.

Living in this country is probably the best gift any of us will ever receive in life, so on this holiday whether you're watching fireworks, boating, spending time with family, or just relaxing in the sun, think about how much of a gift those simple things are.

While I watch the fireworks this year, I will be thinking about the gift of being able to write this column for you. How would my job change if I was writing for a press dominated by the government? What if I was told what I could and could not write everyday? It's a strange thought, and once again, free press is something I frequently take for granted.

I will also be pondering the gift of my education. The high education level our country gives is a real gift, even if it doesn't always seem like it. Having the ability to choose where I attend college, my major and my career after I finish is another benefit of freedom. Imagine if everyone was told what career path they had to take.

Considering the people I am with is also important. I am able to easily stay in contact with my family across the country because of the technology we have here. I am able to choose my friends no matter how different they are than me. And maybe someday I'll get to take the freedom even further in choosing who I want to marry. What if I was told who my friends could and could not be?

Another important thing to remember is the troops fighting for this country everyday. I will think of my friends and family in the military. I will be thankful that they are able to give of themselves so I can live this amazing life full of individual choices.

Therefore, this year I urge you to ponder your own situation in life and think of all the things in it that come from living in this great country. The Fourth of July is more than just the day a document was signed hundreds of years ago, it's a celebration of freedom.

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