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Coffee shop approved

June 18, 2014 - Though attorneys for the City of Clarkston and "Union Joints" owners Curt Catallo and Ann Stevenson originally disagreed on legal language before the final approval for a coffee shop at 148 N. Main could be granted, the two attorneys agreed on language last week.

The two attorneys came back before the city council on June 16. At the same meeting council approved coffee shop plans.

"Curt and Ann are determined to take the 148 N. Main property and transform it from flower into a bouquet," Clarkston-based attorney Neil Wallace said during the June 9 city council meeting on behalf of Catallo and Stevenson.

The duo proposed a coffee and deli shop at the bustling corner, but three major issues remain in question including contamination, traffic issues and storm water problems on the property.

Michigan Department Environmental Quality representative Terri Golla said the property is contaminated with petroleum- based contaminants and any type of digging taking place on the site could stir up contamination.

Wallace said despite whatever issues are on the property he and his clients are confident they have done everything they need to do, and will be protected in the future.

Wallace added Catallo and Stevenson would take great care of the property and any contaminated soil would be removed with a special truck and taken to a specially lined dump.

Golla said the property could be deed restricted by mandating no drinking water be used at the location.

Golla added new owners for the property need to get a baseline environmental assessment within 45 days of purchase in order to not be held liable for contamination issue.

Wallace said phase one and phase two of an environmental baseline has already been completed on behalf of his clients.

Wallace acknowledged people often have an adverse reaction when hearing a property is contaminated.

"But the property has been being brought into control for decades," said Wallace.

Staff writer covering Independence Township and Clarkston area.
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