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September 23, 2009 - It's been less than two weeks since I arrived in town, but a busy two weeks it's been. I've already attended a Tea Party (no tea, but plenty of angry Americans), a sculpture garden gallery opening at Lake Orion High School, and two football games—Dragons won both, woo-hoo! What a wild football town.

I made one late-night return trip to the Review office here in downtown Lake Orion for village election results, two trips to the substation to see what the bad guys have been up to, and took only one quick walk through town (resulting in a long list of places to check out later, when there's time. Wait, time?)

I've also made one commitment to help judge the chalk art contest during at Dragon on the Lake as Lake Orion celebrates its 150 anniversary next week. Can't wait.

As the Review's new editor, I have a lot of ideas, but my main goal is to find new ways to bring the community closer together through these pages.

Tell us about your events before they happen so we can let people know and get them involved. Lets make something good happen.

Me? Well, I have a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and public relations. Writing has always been my passion, but through journalism I've also discovered a passion for photography.

Before coming to the Review I spent three years as a reporter at the Clarkston News, one of the Review's sister publications, where I covered everything from murder trials—OK, just one murder trial, environmental issues, local government and feel-good community events.

In addition to my love of writing and photography, I also have a passion for the truth, and a disdain for injustice.

In March of this year, when the 146-year-old Seattle Post-Intelligencer turned off its printing presses and went web-only, I came across a quote that pretty much summed up why I do what I do.

P-I reporter Angela Galloway said "The P-IÖalways strove for a noble cause, which was to give voice to those without power and scrutiny of those with power."

Yep, that's it.

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