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Letter to the Editor

Unhappy with superintendent

September 23, 2009 - Dear editor,

Let me see if I've got these items correct.

Our school superintendent demotes a well-liked principal last spring to a junior high school assistant principal position and STILL hasn't replaced him; but has found two retired†superintendents from other districts†to each†fill this position part-time.† What gives?

An overhaul of our middle schools has now been scrapped for one year AT A COST OF $600,000 because our administrators can't get their act together?† Do our schools have that much money to blow?

Finally, an inspirational message from the President of the United States to our students urging†them to stay in school, work hard, and bear responsibility for their actions is summarily dismissed by our Superintendent in a "politically correct" decision.† I was taught civics when I was in school.† Where's the respect?

Perhaps our school board ought to look into whether our superintendent is up to this job and maybe he should be replaced.

Let me state here that I have never met either Mr. Gutman or the principal he demoted, I am only commenting on what has been reported in the Review.


Richard LaGrow

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