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A tip of the hat - and a honk of the horn

September 23, 2009 - Every parent has either heard or sung the following song:

The wheels on the bus go round and round

Round and round, round and round

The wheels on the bus go round and round

All through the town.

 Here in Lake Orion we are blessed to have a dedicated troop of professional school bus drivers.  I know because everyday as I run my daily five mile route down Waldon to Lapeer Road and back, I observe a cadre of yellow buses heading back to the bus barn after a busy morning of transporting children to their various institutions of learning.

 Each morning as I make this trek, I see smiling faces from the bus drivers.  Could it be that they have delivered their precious cargo to the schools and are now heading back to a more restful environment? 

If it were me after a busy morning of transporting a busload of children jockeying for seats, talking and yelling endlessly, sneezing and laughing simultaneously, I sure would be smiling. 

But I think they are smiling at my antics, which includes honking my Zeppo Marx horn at them!

 On a daily basis these drivers who also serve as good will ambassadors, psychologists, pugilist interventionists, listening ears, pep talk administrators, wipers of tears, and all around welcoming committee, are entrusted with the youth of the community and they perform admirably. 

The responsibility they have is overwhelming but all handle it flawlessly through rain and snow slickened roads.

 Sometimes the traffic on Waldon resembles the Indy 500 from work bound drivers who seem to ignore the 40-mile per hour speed limit.  I'm always delighted when these rogue drivers are pulled over by the local constables.  

The bus drivers on the other hand calmly and professionally make the two and half mile run in a respectable and responsible manner.  I know so because I see them every morning. 

In fact, I always carry my trusty horn with me on these runs and I often exchange waves and a horn honk with the warriors of the road.

 So as children wait in the morning for the bus that goes "all through the town," rest assured that the drivers of those yellow transportation vehicles are doing their best to assure that all children reach their destination safely. 

I'm just glad to be outside on the road running and not inside the buses with kids whose noses are running!


A semi-retired businessman, William J. Kalmar is a regular contributor for a number of both local and national publications. He and his wife Mary have been Lake Orion residents since 1988.  They have three children and 11 grandchildren.

Bill is a guest columnist for The Review. He is from Lake Orion.
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