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Letter to the Editor

Group could have avoided mess

October 07, 2009 - Dear editor,

Upon reading the articles and letters to the editor regarding LOVE INC and Dr. Kevin Robertson, I find that the whole situation regarding the leasing of his building could have been abated from the very beginning.

LOVE INC should have had a board meeting, with a quorum of officers in attendance, that included Dr. Robertson to discuss leasing his facility and all the requirements it would entail.

This should be a mandate under LOVE INC's by-laws regarding any contract or lease agreement, as well as a requirement of two signatures at minimum of officers who are not related to each other.

When former board member John Spilko had not presented the lease he signed on behalf of LOVE INC to the board, the officers should have contacted Dr. Kevin Robertson as soon as possible requesting to view his copy before moving into the doctor's facility.

LOVE INC's board based a lot of their actions on assumptions instead of checking out the specifics with Dr. Robertson.

Especially, since they could not get any cooperation from Mr. Spilko in presenting the lease he had signed on their behalf.

Red flags should have been flying at full mast. It was a total lack of due diligence. To put any blame on the good doctor is ludicrous.

Dr. Robertson, who gives so much charitable help to our communities, acted in good faith.

Mr. Spilko's evasive actions were questionable to say the least.

LOVE INC and its volunteers, as well as many of the churches in our communities, contribute a lot of charitable help to those in need.

No one is demeaning LOVE INC for all that they do to help others.

But, when it comes to handling contracts and leases, nothing should be based on assumptions or claims made by any one party.

There is a reason for requiring board quorums.

Mary MacMaster

Orion Township

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