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GHS principal now state-side

After Middle East stint, David St. Aubin may be home by Thanksgiving

November 18, 2009 - On June 10, Goodrich Principal David St. Aubin addressed the graduating class of 2009 via satellite from a bunker somewhere near Baghdad.

Key in his message was encouragement for students to be thankful.

"Be proud to be an American, be proud to live in the land of the free, just don't take these things for granted," said St. Aubin. "Remember, others like our Iraqi friends don't have the same freedoms. So see these things as a gift, take advantage of what we Americans have and excel on your own terms, excel on the freedoms that you were given."

This Thanksgiving the school district and community have one more thing to be thankful for—the approaching safe return home of St. Aubin.

"He's been spending a little time in Kuwait," said Teresa St. Aubin, his wife. "But he will officially be back in the states sometime this week. He's headed for Fort Benning, Georgia to do some out-processing and we're really hoping he'll be back home by Thanksgiving weekend."

About a year ago, St. Aubin was called to active duty.

A former LakeVille High School principal, St. Aubin replaced long-time GHS Principal Kenneth Andrezjewski, who retired in January 2005.

Prior to that he was a U.S. Army Reservist, who attended the Reserve Officer's Training Corps at Western Michigan University, and obtained a master's degree in educational leadership from Eastern Michigan University. St. Aubin, who serves as a drill sergeant, has earned the rank of lieutenant colonel over his 25 years of duty.

Although the exact date of his return to Michigan is indefinite at the time being, his arrival is imminent, said Teresa. "Everyone here is excited for his return," said Interim GHS Principal Michael Ellis. "Although the past year may have gone by fast for us, I'm sure it hasn't for him."

Ellis and others are organizing welcome home festivities for St. Aubin.

"It would be nice if businesses and homes could put yellow ribbons on doors and trees to welcome him and let him know how happy we are that he's returned safely."

Still his family is just glad he's home.

"We're very anxious to have him back and very thankful for all the support the community has shown us," said Teresa.

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