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Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Thanksgiving thoughts

November 25, 2009 - Merriam Webster gives three definitions for "Thanksgiving." One: "The act of giving thanks." Two: "A prayer expressing gratitude" and three: "A public acknowledgement or celebration divine goodness."

An act of giving thanks can be as easy as looking someone in the eye and saying "thank you" or doing something special like buying a small gift of some sort or doing a deed to "repay" their kindness.

I know I always enjoy when my bosses shake my hand and say "Thank you and good job, keep it up."

Like Webster, I think prayer is a great expression of gratitude, which connects us with the third definition because webster also defines the word "divine" as "of relating to or proceeding directly from God."

I believe everyday is a gift from God and every good and perfect gift comes from Him. If you woke up this morning, it's a blessing. If you have family members who love you, it's a blessing. If you have a car that works, it's a blessing. If you have a friend to talk to, it's a blessing and the list could go on.

Despite all that is going on around us economically with unemployment rates, forelcosure rates, tax increases, and everything else, there is still plenty to be thankful for.

I often get a little emotional when I start thinking about all the things that I am thankful for. I am truly thankful for my family; I have two great parents and a great older sister. I am thankful for all my friends and how each one of them has touched my life in a special way.

I am thankful for my job at The Clarkston News and my fellow co-workers that are able to laugh and joke around a little bit.

I am thankful for the men and women who have died while fighting wars to preserve our freedom in this nation. And most of all, I am thankful to God for the many blessings he pours out daily.

I am glad that we are given a holiday entitled "Thanksgiving" so we can take a moment and remember what is most important to us. God bless you everyone.

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