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Letter to the editor

Kudos for road-fixing efforts

November 25, 2009 - Dear editor,

Pedestrian comfort and safety is what the Village of Clarkston should be known for as we are the quintessential walkable "small town" with restaurants, shops, a park, lakes, rivers, and great historical homes that can only be fully enjoyed while walking.

There are plans for even more great people places in our downtown in the very near future.

The problems of speeding, illegal turns and a general attitude of motorists to ignore pedestrians has been a problem in the village for as long as I can remember and I congratulate the council for finally addressing the issue.

Police enforcement of the laws, mid block crossings, better road striping and crosswalk indications are all well known strategies that cost little and are proven to be effective at both slowing down traffic and aiding pedestrians.

Michigan Department of Transportation, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and others are well informed on these strategies and the Village of Clarkston has been fortunate to have reviews done by some of the leading experts in the country.

It is now time to actually do something and not continue to ignore this problem as we have so many times before.

I ask all the walkers, bicyclists, shoppers, residents and visitors to tell the City Council how important this is to the well being and future of our City and the surrounding area.

Cory Johnston


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