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Police Log

November 25, 2009 - Monday, November 23 - A resident on Crestwood called police because someone was knocking on her door.

*There was an accident on S. Lapeer and Drahner Rd between a Ford Windstar and a GMC Sierra. According to police reports, the two cars were turning right, and after the right turn green arrow came on, both vehicles made their respective right turns. The Ford, who was in the right inner lane, overturned and came into the Sierra's lane, striking it. There was minor damage to both vehicles.

*Two windows were found broken and some human feces was found on the sidewalk on Glaspie. The Department of Public Works was notified.

*Some roommates were having problems on Hunters Rill.

*There was a hit and run accident on N. Lapeer Rd. by Ray Rd. The driver of a Ford Escape was preparing to turn right onto northbound Lapeer Rd, when a white van driving northbound on Lapeer Rd struck the left front of her vehicle. The van continued to drive northbound on Lapeer Rd, and the driver was unable to get a license plate number.

*A suspicious person was reported after being seen riding on a bike late at night. The subject on the bike was headed to the Shell Gas Station.

*There was a report of malicious destruction of property on N. Lapeer Rd. A vehicle was parked in the parking lot when an unknown subject threw a rock through the rear tailgate window, shattering it. The rock continued through the passenger compartment and shattered the front windshield.

*A box of baseball cards was found in the bushes earlier in the morning at a business on S. Lapeer Rd. They were turned over to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

Sunday, November 22 - A rear door to a building on S. Washington was found unlocked.

*There was some property damage to a Red Ford Ranger on Glaspie St.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on E. Drahner. An officer found a juvenile riding his bike and trespassing. The officer brought the bike into the station.

*Someone smelled smoke in the area of W. Drahner. An officer did an area check and nothing was found and there was no smell of smoke.

*There was a verbal family trouble at a residence on N. Lapeer Rd. A man was yelling and waving his finger at his ex-wife because he didn't agree with how she was disciplining his daughter. The ex-wife also stated that he threatened to take her daughter from her. A report was written and the woman was advised to have an officer present for future exchanges.

Saturday, November 21 - Some dogs were seen in the road around N. Lapeer and Oakwood.

*Someone received a ticket for an expired OPS.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on S. Washington.

*Police assisted the fire department with a 58-year-old female who was having difficulty breathing on the Polly Ann Trail.

*Entry was gained on a vehicle that was locked out on Moyer.

*Police assisted a citizen who came to the station hoping to get some questions answered.

*There was a traffic complaint on Oakwood.

*A caller reported that juveniles in a backyard on Spring Lake were shining a laser pen across the lake into her window.

*A reckless driver was reported on Lakeville Rd. and Bay Pointe Dr. The driver of a white explorer was unable to hold a lane.

*A black pickup was locked out on S. Washington.

*A family offense was reported on Willow. A caller stated that her husband would not leave the house. After police came out, the wife left and stayed with her mother.

*An officer had to put down an injured deer.

Friday, November 20 - An alarm went off at a building on S. Washington. The alarm company stated that it came from a no key holder entrance. An officer checked all the doors and windows and they were secure.

*An alarm went off at a building on N. Washington. The officer checked the building and it was secure.

*Some property damage to an older Volkswagen was reported on S. Washington and Ensley.

*A caller reported that a 2-year-old was found walking alone down Oxford Lakes wearing a halloween costume. The reporting person kept an eye on the child until an officer arrived. The officer was able to locate the child's home on Thornehill and turned the child over to the mother.

*Three juveniles were found behind a building on Glaspie. They were spray painting a building when they were found, and brought to the station and charged with juvenile malicious mischief. They were turned over to their parents and the juveniles had to repaint the building.

*Two juveniles were caught behind a building on Pontiac St. The male and female were transported back to the station for parent pickup.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Crawford. Some car tracks were seen going back by a pond. An officer walked the area and was unable to locate anything.

*A window was open to a building on Glaspie St. An officer checked the building and secured the window.

Thursday, November 19 - There was an open side door on a pickup in the parking lot on Crawford. While police were investigating the open door, they witnessed two white males running from them. One was in a light colored hoodie while the other was in a dark hoodie. Officers chased on foot and in a vehicle, but were unable to locate the males in the neighborhood they ran into.

*A woman reported that her dog wouldn't settle down on Park St. and that this was the area where the two males were running from police.

*A Cavalier was locked out on East. St.

*A vehicle was damaged while parked on S. Washington.

*The driver of a red jeep was stopped on N. Lapeer Rd. for possibly operating while intoxicated.

*A mother brought her son into the station and made a report that her son's bank card was taken and that there were fraudulent charges on the card.

*An unknown suspect took some CDs, money and boots from a locked car on Metamora Rd.

*Wednesday, November 18 - An unknown vehicle struck a parked car on First St.

*There was a disabled vehicle reported on S. Washington and W. Burdick. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

*A silver Camaro was seen speeding on Edith while children were getting off the bus.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on First St. When the officer arrived and questioned the subject, he stated that he lived there. The officer verified the information that the subject was a new owner moving in.

*A suspicious person was reported in the SW Lot. The person was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans and was smoking. He was watching the subject as she went to her car and started walking towards her car. She turned the alarm on and he walked away. An officer checked the lot and was unable to locate the male.

*A stereo face plate was stolen from a car on Hill Crest Dr.

Tuesday, November 17 - There was an animal complaint on Hovey. Two dogs were barking for over an hour, and when the officer arrived, the dogs were inside and no one was answering the door.

*A car hit a deer on Seymour Lake and Baldwin Rd.

*Police assisted a motorist on Burdick and Conda who was hauling a classic car on a trailer and was checking on it.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported after a car alarm went off. The alarm shut off before an officer arrived.

*Someone broke out the rear window of a Buick. After the owner covered the window with plastic, he came out the next morning to find that the plastic was cut out and a bottle of visine was left. There were no witnesses and no known suspects.

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