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November 25, 2009 - LO Police Log

Residents awake to alarms, alleged arson

Sleeping residents on Newton woke to the sound of fire alarms Tuesday, Nov. 17. Lake Orion Police are investigating the incident and suspect arson. Smoke alarms alerted the homeowner to fires in the kitchen stove and in a vehicle outside, according to police. No one was reported injured.

'Snatch and grab'

Lake Orion Police are looking for an older, white male subject after he attempted to steal goods from CVS Pharmacy on S. Broadway, Nov. 18. According to reports, an employee tried to stop the man, who was leaving the store without paying for items in his shopping cart. When the employee grabbed the cart, the man abandoned it, got into a white vehicle and quickly drove away. All items in the cart were recovered. Police are asking anyone with information on the incident to contact them.

Mail fraud

A 22-year-old woman was cited Nov. 20 after she used a gift card mailed to her house by mistake. Using information provided by the card's sender and the intended recipient, Lake Orion Police were able to track down the woman, who admitted to using the card. Police recovered items purchased with the gift card and are attempting to return them.

'I'm drinking'

A 60-year-old man claimed he was unaware of laws against drinking in motor vehicles, even while they're parked.

Officers ticketed the man Nov. 21 for open intoxication as he sat in the driver's seat of a vehicle, keys in the ignition, drinking beer, according to reports.

When Lake Orion Police asked the man what he was doing, he simply repled, "I'm drinking."

Cutting down M-24

Nov. 21, Lake Orion Police ticketed a 72-year-old Oxford resident for operating an unlicensed vehicle. Officers observed the man riding a lawn mower on M-24, near N. Park Boulevard. The man, who at first refused to stop for police, said he drove the mower from Oxford because his driver's license was suspended. Police investigation determined the man drove south on M-24 for nearly six miles before being stopped. The man was also cited for hindering police and having no driver's license in possession, and his lawn mower was impounded.

Deputy Reports

Stuff stolen, found again

An Orion Township deputy assisted a Grand Blanc man in retrieving stolen items Nov. 17 after his girlfriend, an alleged drug user, took off in his van with video games and other valuables. The woman was taken to Oakland County Jail on charges of operating under the influence of narcotics after she and the van were located at Sycamore Creek apartments in Orion Township and the deputy, who noted the woman's pinpoint pupils and other narcotic symptoms, performed sobriety tests.

Called out

A 24-year-old Orion Township woman who discovered her husband was having an affair called the other woman, then called police Nov. 23 when the other woman called her back with a threatening message. The first woman told deputies she wanted the incident documented.

Disappearing jewelry?

An Orion Township woman living in the 1000 block of Valley View reported a number of valuable pieces of jewelry items missing from her home Nov. 21. The woman said she last saw the jewelry, which was stored in her bedroom, Nov. 6, noted it was missing when she went to look for it a few weeks later.

Oh deer

A Orion Township deputy filed a 'discharge of weapon' report after responding to reports of an injured deer on the southbound shoulder of Baldwin Road near Meadow Nov. 21. The deputy said he shot the deer after observing the animal breathing rapidly and bleeding.

Stereo stolen

A woman contacted police after returning home Nov. 20 to discover the someone stole a Kenwood car stereo from inside her trailer. The woman said she suspected her housemate of the theft, but noted he denied any knowledge when asked about the missing item.

Lock your car

A man living in the 3800 block of May Center Road called police after discovering someone stole a knapsack, which contained his passport and travel visa, from his unlocked vehicle overningt. The bag also contained an ink pen valued at $350, the man said.

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