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Letter to the editor

Recall wanted to fix power abuse

December 16, 2009 - Dear Editor,

My father always told me, "if you can't lead by example, let someone else lead."

The disappointing thing about the recall is the supervisor's response.

He did not have the authority to make bonus payments. The prosecutor's office did not approve of his conduct. They just said there was not sufficient evidence.

Nor is approving a budget the same thing as approving an increase in compensation. For instance, there was a budgeted increase in the salary for the supervisor. The Township Board turned that down.

So instead he gave himself an increase in his car allowance. He did not present that to the board.

The supervisor cannot just spend money because he wants to. It is the board that makes such decisions and the board only. Otherwise we would have a dictatorship.

Perhaps most appalling is the notice the township would lease out a portion of a public building to a private entity.

That is going into competition with local businesses — office building landlords with all the advantages of having a government building. There is only one sure cure for such abuses of power; the removal of that power.

The recall is the right call.

Randy Golab

Independence Township

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