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November 16, 2009 Meeting Synopsis

December 16, 2009 - Township of Addison

Board of Trustees Meeting Synopsis

Addison Township Board of Trustees November 16, 2009 meeting synopsis. The meeting was held at the Addison Township Complex, located at 1440 Rochester Rd.

Township of Addison Board members present: Supervisor Pearson, Clerk Bennett, and Treasurer Alberty, Trustees: John Boehmer, Linda Gierak and Ed Brakefield.

Absent: John Sutphin

The Township of Addison Board acted upon the following:

1) Approved the agenda as presented

2) Approved the Consent Agenda that consisted of Minutes: October 19, 2009, Bills as paid for October 2009, Resolution: Appointing Oakland County Emergency Management Coordinator and Resolution: Adopting the National Incident Management System.

3) Approved a Resolution Rezoning the parcel 05-03-200-008 from Agriculture (AG) to Public or Institutional (P-I). Applicant: Township of Addison.

4) Held a Public Hearing for Conversion/Mitigation for Watershed Park, parcel 05-03-200- 008, for the purpose of a wireless facility and adopted a Resolution approving the Conversion/Mitigation for Watershed Park.

5) Held a Public Hearing for CDBG funds 2010 program year and adopted a Resolution for the Allocation of CDBG funds for 2010 program year.

6) Appointed Jerry Morawski to the Fire Chief Position with further recommendation of salary form the fire board

7) Adopted a Resolution adopting Zoning Ordinance, Section 4.50, Conditional Zoning.

8) Adopted a Resolution adopting Zoning Ordinance, Section 4.51, Wind Energy Systems.

9) North Oakland Transportation Authority reviewed contract.

Pauline Bennett,

Township of Addison Clerk

1440 Rochester Rd.

Leonard, MI. 48367


Publish: December 16, 2009

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