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Letter to the editor

'Random act of kindness' a reflection of Christmas spirit

December 16, 2009 - Dear editor:

This time of the year most people make a great effort to ensure that no family goes without a Christmas. That is certainly the goal of the Lions Club. Their well-attended fundraiser last Saturday was a very good example.

It was during the live auction that the crowded room witnessed a "random act of kindness" when a man successfully bid $1,000 for a puppy.

There were two women bidding against each other, when one woman dropped out. She was bidding for her son who was there and wanted the puppy very badly. That's when the man bid $1,000, won the bid, and then handed the puppy over to Anthony Narsh. There was barely a dry eye in the place.

I stopped by his table on my way out to comment on his generosity. He said he didn't even know the boy had cancer he just saw how badly he wanted the puppy.

I don't know the man's name, and I doubt he would want it published anyway, but I thank him for his generosity and wish him and everyone a very Merry Christmas.

-Alice Young

Orion Township treasurer

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