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Letter to the editor

A 'heart warming' story for the holiday season

December 16, 2009 - Dear editor,

I have a heartwarming story that happened Nov. 11 at the Lake Orion Senior Center at the veterans lunch.

After lunch I joined our knitting group (we do charity knitting) when I received a phone call from my daughter in California (soon to be first-time grandmother) telling me to go to St. Joseph's Hospital, as her daughter-in-law was in labor.

She booked a ticket immediately (which I thought was impossible).

I didn't know who to ask to get her a ride from the airport, but Linda from the senior center gave me a pamphlet she got from a veteran, Chris Oxley, from SCRT Transportation in Clarkston.

He was offering free rides for veterans that day.

I called Chris immediately, told him my story and that I do not drive at night and my son is a veteran.

Without hesitation, Chris offered to pick my daughter up and drop her off at the hospital in honor of our veterans. God bless him.

The plane was 10 minutes early; he got my daughter to the hospital 12 minutes after the baby was born. They had just cleaned him up when she walked in.

The timing was perfect - we couldn't believe this all happened in such a short time.

I met Chris for the first time when he dropped my daughter off at the emergency door and I couldn't thank him enough.

Chris did all this for free. He was a godsend to me. This was truly in the hands of God, for which I am thankful and ever so grateful.

What a kind, wonderful man Chris is, and may he always be blessed by our Heavenly Father.

Thank you, Chris, we couldn't have done it without you!

God bless,

Marina, first-time

great grandmother

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