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Village councilmember out of touch

December 16, 2009 - Dear Editor,

(In response to, 'Where's the Village of Goodrich logic?', The Citizen, Nov. 28, page 6)

I am shocked and amazed at the irresponsible letter written by Goodrich Councilwoman Patricia Wartella commenting on the "logic" of existing councilmembers, implicitly implying that she is logical. I encourage Goodrich residents to attend a meeting, and observe the "logic."

It seems clear to me that Councilperson Wartella is ill-prepared for council meetings, does not understand the process, and even does not understand simple questions.

President York routinely followed the agenda items, and basically in adherence with Robert's Rules of Order, many issues were properly motioned for a "vote" to look into issues further, not to look into, etc. On almost, every issue, Councilwoman Wartella did not seem to understand a properly motioned vote and would insist on meaningless discussion relative to information that seemed to be contained in the materials presented to other councilmembers, prior to the meeting. Each vote, every other member followed the agenda, answered the president's questions on the manner in which they decided to vote. Not Wartella, she routinely disregarded agenda, Robert's Rules of Order. It seemed as if the rest of council politely overlooked and accommodated Wartella.

I was present at the last council meeting, as was Attorney Mark Latchana, Hon. Richard Hughes, 67th District Judge, and former running-mate of Patricia Wartella, Norm "Bud" Bass, my neighbor Joan Flood, myself. There were a few other people present whom I did not know. I encourage you to ask a councilmember, or someone in attendance, about the meeting.

At the meeting, an internal forensic accounting audit by Lewis & Knopf gave the council exemplary feedback with glowing reports. The Lewis & Knopf audit praised the council for their fiscal responsibilty in this tough economic environment. It is patently wrong, misleading, and a lie for an existing councilmember to suggest otherwise. I am disgusted by the divisive nature, senseless recalls, political rabble-rousing by ill-informed people. Further, for Wartella to write a letter on this topic to the newspaper on an issue, the council simply agreed to investigate further, clearly indicates to me, that she does not understand her votes. In truth, the council took no real action other than looking into the matter further.

I have much praise for former political ally of Wartella, Norm Bud Bass. Bass is friends with Wartella, and ran with her as a council candidate. Rather than allow apparent misperception within the neighborhoods to fester, Bass has become more involved, and fostered relationships which has brought this community closer, rather than apart.

Jay Clothier


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