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Oxford Police Log

December 30, 2009 - Monday, December 28 - Police were called to perform a welfare check in the area of Baldwin and Hummer Lake Road . A woman called in and reported seeing a man walking northbound along the road and appeared not to be dressed properly for the walk.

*Police were called because a husband was having trouble with his wife while they were going through a divorce.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on S. Glaspie. A caller reported seeing a female in her pajamas walking around with a hand gun. When police arrived, they determined that it was a toy gun and that the female was playing with her children.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported in a parking lot on Pontiac St. When police arrived, they found out that it was a father giving his teen some driving lessons.

*A man was arrested for domestic violence after a witness reported seeing him hit his girlfriend at her place of residence. According to the witness statement on the police report, the boyfriend and girlfriend were having relational problems prior to the incident. The witness stated that the boyfriend went to his girlfriend's house in order to get some clothes because he was staying at his place of residence that evening. The man and woman got into a verbal argument and went into the bedroom to continue the argument The witness stated that he went into the bedroom to check on the couple when he heard the argument escalate. He saw the male slap the female on the back of the head. The female became enraged and punched a mirrored closet door, causing injuries to herself. The officer was not able to get a statement from the girlfriend because of her level of intoxication and injury. The male was arrested and taken to Oakland County Jail.

*There was a car accident on Stanton Road. A 46-year-old Goodrich woman was driving a Chevy Cobalt too fast along the icy and snow covered Stanton Road when she came up on a previous accident scene. The road was completely closed and had a patrol car with emergency lights fully activated blocking it. There were also road flares indicating that the road was closed. The woman narrowly missed hitting the deputy and patrol car and drove off the roadway and hit some trees. The woman and her passenger were not injured.

Sunday, December 27 - A suspicious vehicle was reported on S. Washington and W. Burdick. A black Escalade with a NY license plate was occupied and had been running for awhile.

*There was customer trouble at an establishment on S. Washington. A verbal argument started between two parties, and they were eventually separated.

*A car hit a deer at Glaspie St. and Powell. The officer had to put the deer down.

*Police were called to assist a disabled motorist on W. Burdick and Pontiac St. The vehicle was moved out of the road.

*There was a car accident on Stanton near Pinery. The driver of the black Jeep was a juvenile who was driving west on the snow and ice covered road when he lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle hit the south side of the road, then bounced over to the north side, where he hit a ditch. The vehicle then rolled over and rested upside down. The driver was taken to POH for minor injuries, while the passenger was picked up by a parent at the scene.

*A caller reported smelling gas by a vacant house in the area of Watersmeet Ct. The fire department did an area check and everything was all clear.

Saturday, December 26 - A Chevy Silverado slid off the road on Bayliss and struck a home owner's fence. Police later found the vehicle abandoned, and when the officer went to the listed address of the truck's owner, they found the house abandoned as well. The Oakland County Sheriff's Office was advised.

*Officers were called to the area of E. Burdick and Glaspie St. for a report of a tan dog in the road. The officer was unable to locate the dog.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Pleasant after a back door was found open.

Friday, December 25 - Police were able to gain entry on a locked yellow Chevy Caviler.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Lincoln after a front door was pushed in. Everything turned out to be all clear.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on W. Burdick.

Thursday, December 24 - Malicious mischief was reported after a parent reported that every time his daughter's vehicle would come home from school, it would have ketchup and other condiments thrown all over it.

*Entry was gained on a locked Dodge Dakota that was located on Park St.

*Police were called after receiving a report that a child was left alone in a vehicle.

*A caller reported that an elderly female was driving badly on the road. She made it to her destination safely.

Wednesday, December 23 - A suspicious circumstance was reported on S. Glaspie after a semi had been seen parked and running for three days straight. Police checked the situation out and determined that everything was fine. The truck was running on a generator in order to keep the diesel fuel warm.

*A green Mustang was found abandoned on Pontiac St.

*Police assisted a moving company with traffic enforcement while a mobile home was being moved out of Lake Villa.

*A complaint was filed towards a semi that was parked on Dennison and had been running all night.

*Police caught a boy and girl messing around in a vehicle on Pontiac St. They were sent on their way.

*Entry was gained on a black Lebaron that was locked out on S. Washington.

*Police were called to check on a suspicious person after a male had been waiting outside an establishment for approximately 30 minutes after his wife dropped him off after a fight. He used the phone at the establishment twice and was still there when the establishment was closing. The man wanted an officer to be there when he exited the building. His wife eventually came and picked him up and the employees went home for the evening.

Tuesday, December 22 - There was an accident on S. Lapeer and Ray Road between a Toyota Camry and a Dodge Ram. A 25-year-old Oxford resident was driving his Camry on northbound Lapeer Road when he lost control of his vehicle and crossed the grass median into the southbound lanes. He hit the guardrail and spun out before continuing northbound. The driver of the Ram, a 29-year-old Unionville resident, tried to avoid the Camry but hit him. After striking the first vehicle, the Ram slid into the median and flipped over onto its side. He went on to state that he had a few drinks hours prior to driving and that he started to have steering problems with the vehicle. He also stated that he must have hit his head on the steering wheel and blacked out after hitting guardrail because he didn't remember anything after that. He was given a PBT and blew a .06 and was then transported to Crittenton Hospital by the Oxford Fire Department for a bump on his head. The driver of the Ram claimed his side hurt, but refused medical assistance. The driver of the Camry was issued a citation for careless and negligent driving.

*Police assisted with traffic enforcement on N. Washington after a modular was being moved from Lake Villa.

*Police were called for a disturbing the peace on Pearl after reports that kids were out in the shed smoking marijuana and playing loud music. The report of marijuana was unfounded and the kids were advised on the loud music.

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